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Sun, 04 Apr 2004

funeral, memories, vacation

On friday there has been the funeral of my grandma. The whole family was there except for my younger brother Gernot. He is currently working on board of the MS Deutschland in Oman and it is too expensive for him to come back just for the funeral. It was really nice, and I just can quote the song that started the Mass:

Wenn kein' Nacht nimmer käm',
könnt der Tag nicht besteh'n,
wenn's kein Regen nicht hätt',
wär' die Sonn' auch nicht schön.
Und das Leid ist wohl da,
das wir d'Freud' recht versteh'n.

After the funeral we sat together and talked about the various things that we remembered... The next day we went to her flat to fetch some things. The quilt my wife made for my grandma was given back to us, and I got a picture that was hanging in their living room since I was a small boy. I always liked it and it will help me to not forget the nice times we had, even the time before my grandpa died ten years ago...

On wednesday I will go on vacation for a week. Can't remember when I have been on vacation the last time — you don't think of taking a vacation when you (have to) switch jobs too often. I am glad that I am now for over one year again in this job and hope it will last for longer again. I will go visit the family of my wife (which in turn is now mine, too :)) in Bonn, but I can't tell yet if and when I will find the time for keysigning — they are a quite large family. I just know that we have to visit Ikea Köln but like I said: I don't know when. So please don't ask.... I have got the mobile number of towo and will notify him if I really find the time for a meeting, so best is to let him know that you might get informed, too. towo is his irc nickname, if you wonder.

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