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Sun, 21 Oct 2007

Texta - Hediwari

Alright, a bit late. But it was hell of a concert, really enjoyed it. There were two support bands: First there was Hinterland with their new album "Zwa Seiten" and then there was Die Antwort, both of them quite interesting. Finally Texta came onto the stage and gave a great concert. You might want to take a listen to the two free mp3s they have linked from their LastFM profile. The version of Hediwari isn't the best but should give you and idea about their style—austrian hip hop at its best.

As added benefit you might want to watch So könnt's gehen on youtube. The interesting part of it, though propably noone cares, the guy from the first band (shy) without an instrument is a working collegue of mine. ;)

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