#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: This file creates the index page for the WML-files (this page ;-) <div align="center"> <img src="$(IMGROOT)/aio.png" alt=">> rhonda.deb.at <<"> </div> <hr /> <p>  In here you can find the sources for the pages on this site. This service is meant as hint for the not so skilled <link wml>wml</link> users but could also help me because you are encouraged to send me any ideas you may have about this sources (e.g. how some things could be done in a cleaner or more obvious way).<br />  So, if you like it or not, especially if you want to use part of it, be so kind and <link disclaimer>send me an e-mail</link>. </p> <h2>My WML-Files</h2> <ul> <: # WML-Files open (FILE, 'find ~/WWW -name "*.wml" 2>/dev/null|') || die "can't open pipe\n"; my @files = <FILE>; close (FILE); chop @files; foreach my $file (sort @files) { if ($file !~ m!^/home/rhonda/WWW/(bi|test|pethsy)/!) { open (FILE, "$file") || die "Sorry, you are not allowed to read ", "$file<br>\n"; @contens = <FILE>; $contens = join ("", @contens); ($desc, $show) = $contens =~ /^#Desc: (.*?)(?:\s+(XXX)?)$/m; ($absolut) = $file =~ m|/home/rhonda/WWW(/.*)$|; print "<li>", !$show ? qq|<a href="$(DOCROOT)$absolut">$absolut</a>| : qq|<p_link>$absolut</p_link>|, $desc ? ": $desc" : "", "</li>\n"; close (FILE); } } closedir (DIR); :> </ul> <h2>My includes-Files</h2> <ul> <: # INCLUDE-Files opendir (DIR, "../includes") || die "Sorry, you aren't allowed to read the ", "included files. Slap Rhonda for ", "that<br>\n"; while ($file = readdir (DIR)) { if ($file =~ /\.wmi$/) { open (FILE, "../includes/$file") || die "Sorry, you are not allowed to ", "read $file<br>\n"; @contens = <FILE>; $contens = join ("", @contens); ($desc, $show) = $contens =~ /^#Desc: (.*?)(?:\s+(XXX)?)$/m; print "<li>", !$show ? qq|<a href="$(DOCROOT)/includes/$file">$file</a>| : qq|<p_link>$file</p_link>|, $desc ? ": $desc" : "", "</li>\n"; close (FILE); } } closedir (DIR); :> </ul>