#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: This page will give you an index about all the config files I am offering. Feel free to use them and/or send me comments on them. <div align="center"> <img src="$(IMGROOT)/aio.png" alt="[rhonda.deb.at]"> </div> <hr/> <p>  Here you are able to find the config file for the programs I am using. This is on the one hand meant to let you know how I do my things (and so give you some hints), and on the other hand to give you a chance to help me if I'm doing just crap. So feel free to <link disclaimer>mail me</link> any comments you have on this... </p> <hr/> <p>  First of all there is the root of all evil, the file for the shell, the <link bashrc>~/.bashrc</link> file. You will notice some special settings in there: I try to move everything <b>off</b> my homedirectory. I've made a <code>~/etc/</code> directory into which I move those things. If you know some programs that I am using that can be configured with environment-variables (<b>not</b> commandline options!) to move their runtime-configuration files off their special place, it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me about that. </p> <p>  Next there are the files for vim: The <link vimrc>~/.vimrc</link>, the <link mysyntaxfile>mysyntaxfile.vim</link> and the <link myfiletypefile>myfiletypefile.vim</link> which can be located wherever you like (according to my vimrc it's in <code>~/etc/vim/</code>). This three files are quite well documented and have a meaningful (to my likes ;) setup. </p> <p>  Furthermore I offer you my files for slrn: <link slrnrc>~/.slrnrc</link>. I did seperate the <link slrncolors>color</link>-, <link slrnkeys>keymap</link>- and the personal-settings into seperate files, for comfort ;-) </p> <p>  Also you can take a look at my <link muttrc>~/.muttrc</link>. Here I have seperated the <link muttcolors>color</link>-, the <link muttkeys>keymap</link>- and the personal settings, too. </p> <hr/> <p>  So far, thank you for you attention. And feel free to <link disclaimer>send any comments</link> on the file, the page or anything else you might think I am interested in (this does <b>not</b> include SPAM!!!). </p>