#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: My mainpage about Debian - my choice of an OperatingSystem. <div align="center"> <link debian><img src="pics/debian.png" alt=">> Debian <<" border="0"></link> </div> <hr /> <p>  On this page you will find informations about Debian, my choice for an operating system. If you like to take a look at the packages that I am currently official maintaining, here is a list of them (in order in which I took over the maintainership of them): </p> <ul> <li><link francy>francine</link>: This is a themeable console login program with support for ansi graphics and hook-based events. Really a nice thing :)</li> <li>tetradraw: I did package this program for the people to be able to do their own login screen. After all it's an ansi drawing program - and quite handy. Please notice that it only works on the console due to a strange handling of keyboard bindings. If someone has a hint how to solve this don't hesitate to <link contact>contact me</link>!</li> <li>rungetty: Another package that I did for the usage with francine. It allows you to start different programs than just <tt>/bin/login</tt> and with specific userid/groupid. Based on mingetty so only useable for virtual console (not for serial lines).</li> <li>libapache-stage-perl: This was my first perl-package and is really helpful if you are developing websites. You can do a staging environment with it in which you only have to keep the files that you work on - the others are taken from the production environment. Really nifty!</li> <li>xmms-sid: A plugin package for xmms -- the x multimedia system. With this plugin you can play your favorite sid tunes aka C64 soundfiles in xmms. Unfortunately the patch for selecting different tunes with the songposition ruler wasn't applied yet to the xmms package itself; so I just included it in the doc directory if you like to apply it yourself.</li> <li><link xblast>xblast</link>: I was a true fan of that type of game since I played it on a computer party back in the x-mas holidays in 1992 in denmark. It was the commercial version called dynablaster on an amiga and made me quite addicted. When I stumbled over xblast on linux a dream came true - it was possible to see what's going on in there and even add features to it. One of these features is now in the package -- the abort flag hack. Not really done by me but by a <link sc>friend of me</link>. About xblast-tnt, I'm already working on packaging it and have to check first if it is better to keep the old xblast or simply replace it with the new. If you have sugguestions on this, please <link contact>contact me</link>.</li> <li><link grub-cl>grub-client</link>: This is the client for grub - a distributed webcrawler. With this client you can help the grub project to enhance their database. Please notice that it has no connection to the great bootloader named grub. They know of the problem and are thinking of getting a new name for it; sugguestions are welcome.</li> <li>beep: This is an advanced pc-speaker beeper. Where the usual <tt>printf "\a"</tt> just offers one single frequency and duration beep steps in. You can even program little tunes with it. Could be quite helpful for server-events on servers that don't have a soundcard in them, or just for fun.</li> <li>netris: I recently took over this package to make libncurses4 finally go away. For I am a true tetris fan since quite some while (I loved it already on my C64) it was a great chance.</li> <li>t-prot: A <link abb>TOFU</link> protection script that was mainly done for mutts <tt>display_filter</tt> but could be used even from procmail to bounce bad mails. TOFU is a german language acronym for "<i>Text oben, Fullquote unten</i>" and means the bad quoting style with included fullquote after the own text. It simply replaces such lines by a single line which tells you how much lines were deleted. Really helpful to keep you calm...</li> <li>slrnface: This was done as a plugin for slrn to display the <i>X-Face:</i> header image if you use the newsreader in an x-terminal-emulator. With an included patch you could use it in mutt, too.</li> <li>metakit: My first library package. I took it over since the former maintainer didn't seem to care for it at all (he had still an ancient version) and a newer version is needed for grub-client. For he just packaged it to can package something else and didn't really care for it I am now maintaining it.</li> <li>aterm: This package was a little bit forced onto me ;-) The former maintainer didn't have the nerves anymore to live with a not responding upstream maintainer so he liked to orphan it and thought about me for maintaining it because I filed sensible bugreports to it, or such... Whatever.<br /> It is a really x-terminal-emulator that supports transparency, background images and other nice things. And it has a small memory footprint, too.</li> <li>exiscan: I just recently uploaded that package. It is to be used with exim to filter received messages through a virus scanner. Just a short perl script but it does a really good job. If you are looking for a virus scanner you might want to take a look at clamav.</li> </ul> <p>  I have some packages available that I am preparing so you can take a look at what I'm up to. Please take a look at the following list: </p> <ul> <li>One of these things is the package for <link debfreecnc>freecnc</link> that I am preparing. You can take a look at the available packages and I'd be pleased to get feedback so far. I'll upload it to the archive as soon as I've written the script to download the demo files from westwood.</li> <li>I started packaging <link debmlvwm>mlvwm</link>, an macos-like windowmanager but found it not interesting enough to use it really. I simply like my sawfish too much to really maintain it well enough. If someone likes to take them over feel free to do so - the package is working quite well already and should offer you a good basis for a nice package.</li> </ul> <p>  <b>Do you have some bandwith to share?</b> If so you could use it on a valueable project: <link grub-cl>grub</link> an open source distributed search engine. It has no connection to the boot loader, only the same name ;)<br />  Take a look at their page to find out more about it, I personally think it's really worth to use. I have build a debian package for it which is currently available both in testing and unstable. </p> <hr /> <p>  I am also a proud member of the Debian SETI@HOME Team. These are the stats of our team: <a href="http://www.seticount.de/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.seticount.de/cgi-bin/tcounter/counter.pl?font=Slot%20Maschine&fcolor=Weiss&id=6829" alt="many, many blocks..." border="0"></a> # http://www.setistats.de/new/wc.php4?id=753&size=16&font=xfiles&col2=0,0,0&col1=204,204,204&txt=Alfie </p> <div align="center"> <a href="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_6829.html"><img src="pics/seti.png" alt="[SETI@HOME Task Force]" border="0"></a> </div>