#!wml -odisclaimer.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: The disclaimer :) <div align="center"> <img src="$(IMGROOT)/aio.png" alt="[rhonda.deb.at]"> </div> <hr> <p>  This site is the <i>somewhat</i> creative output of <link resume>Rhonda D'Vine</link> with help of the following stuff: </p> <ul> <li><link vim>Vim [V5.3++]</link>: <b>V</b>i <b>Im</b>proved - <u>the</u> <i>ultimate</i> texteditor.</li> <li><link gimp>gimp [V1.0.2++]</link>: <b>G</b>NU <b>I</b>mage <b>M</b>anipulation <b>P</b>rogram - <u>the</u> <i>genious</i> painting program.</li> <li><link wml>wml [V1.7.2++]</link>: <b>W</b>ebsite <b>M</b>eta<b>L</b>anguage - a package of powerful html-preprocessor-tools.</li> <li>The design for this page was done by <link sc>snowcrash</link> and put on <link oswd>OpenSouce WebDesign</link> for free usage, thanks a lot!</li> </ul> <p>  Please note that not all the stuff was done by Rhonda herself, e.g. the link-buttons on the mainpage and in the sidebar are not Alfies output. </p> <p>  If you like to see the sources for this page follow the source link in the about box on the right side (download them, I have no viewer for them yet), or take a look at my <link wml-src>wml-source list</link>. Also, if you want to have something like a sitemap that is also a good point to look at, although it is quite unsorted... </p> <p>  This webpages are published in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. </p> <p>  If you find some piece of work that you think that is missing some correct credit then it would be a great idea to tell her at <mail rhonda><EMAIL rhonda></mail>, and it will be fixed in (almost) no time... If you like to send me a gnupg/pgp encrypted mail you might be interested in my <link public-key>gpg public key</link>.<br>  Please notice that this is <b>no invitation</b> to use this address for SPAM in any way. I will <b>not accept</b> such behavior and report it to your abuse-address. <span style="color:<<COLOR__G>>"><b><i>You have been warned!</i></b></span> </p> <table align="center"><tr> <td valign="top"><i>So long,</i></td> <td><img src="pics/alfie.png" alt="Rhonda"></td> </tr></table>