#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: Projects mainpage <h1>Projects Alfie is involved</h1> <hr/> <p>  On this page you find links to the projects Alfie is working on or helping out. Please notice that this is no way complete and maybe never will. </p> <p>  First of all there is the <link sigd>SIGnature Daemon</link> Alfie mainly did for himself - but already got some feedback for it. So it seems that publishing it was a good idea. </p> <p>  Secondly there is the <link pcp>Perl Cron Poster</link>. No feedback at all, and not really configureable yet, so maybe I just keep it to myself and drop it from the pages. At least from here, there always should be a reference from the newspostings to it. But I'll stop promoting it. Maybe I'll switch to the <link post-faq>post-faq</link> program for I don't think duplicated work that is lazy maintained is useful. Take a look at it. </p> <p>  I also did some <link vimloc>vim syntax files</link>, which are available and described here. You can also find links to my config files there. </p> <p>  I have done a special <link slrnloc>slrn page</link> which is dedicated to the <tt>X-Signature-Color:</tt> header and it's history. You can find there a quite helpful german language quick reference to this great newsreader. </p>