#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: My personal page about this great texteditor. It includes the syntax-file for wml that I'm currently maintaining. <h1><link vim>Vi Improved - the texteditor</link></h1> <p>  Below you can find the reasons why I choose vim for my work. If you are interested in my config-file, you can <link config>find them here</link>. </p> <hr /> <p>  There is quite a big selection for texteditors available. And there is also a big selection that seems to be easier to use than vim. The only problem about that is that it only <i>seems</i> to be so, especially at the start... </p> <p>  Why I am writing this? Well... Try to handle bigger files within gnotepad, pico, kedit or what else lurks around there. It's quite impossible to navigate simple and fast within those...<br />  Yes, there are other powerful editors like emacs (but that one wastes resources like hell), jed and so on, but those aren't available on (almost) all (unix-like) systems. You can quite surely bet on vi or a clone being available. And within most linux-distributions it is the default replacement for vi, not just because its 99% and up compatibility to vi. </p> <p>  The major improvements over vi are: </p> <ul> <li>platform ports: like all unix systems, amiga, MS-DOS, Win3.1, 9x and NT, OS/2, Atari, VMS, BeOS and Mac</li> <li>multi level undo</li> <li>GUI</li> <li>multi windows and buffers</li> <li>syntax highlighting: Take a look at the <link vimsyn>syntax files</link> I am maintaining</li> <li>macros</li> <li>visual mode inclusive block mode</li> <li>online help</li> <li>command-line editing and history</li> <li>commandline and insertmode completion</li> <li>auto formating</li> <li>quickfix: speeds up edit/compile/edit phases</li> <li>search for words in included files</li> <li>autocommands on different events</li> <li>scripts</li> <li>mouse support</li> </ul> <p>  ... and much more. </p> <p>  It is true that vim is quite hard to learn - one reason for sure are the different modes - but once you've managed that point you are getting more productive every day. </p>