#!wml -oindex.html #include "frame.wmi" #Desc: Rhonda's page with personal infos. <protect><div align="center"> <pre><b><span style="color:#000000"> _____ .__ _____.__ </span> <span style="color:#330033"> / _ \ | |_/ ____\__| ____ </span> <span style="color:#660066"> / /_\ \| |\ __\| |/ __ \ </span> <span style="color:#990099"> / | \ |_| | | \ ___/ </span> <span style="color:#cc00cc"> \____|__ /____/__| |__|\___ ></span> <span style="color:#ff00ff"> \/ \/</span></b></pre> </div></protect> <hr/> <p>  This page is about "<b>me, myself and I</b>" <i>(w) by unknown</i> </p> <p>  You might ask what you can find on this page? Well, there are several parts:<br/>  This looks like ... <a href="#pics">Rhonda</a>!!! You can find <a href="#work">what I do</a> for a living... Furthermore, <a href="#like">what I like</a> and <a href="#dont">what I don't</a>! What <a href="#use">I use</a> (software), and what I do in my <a href="#hobby">spare time</a>. What <a href="#projects">projects</a> I am involved, and where you can find more useful or not so useful <a href="#states">statements</a> from me, or where you can <a href="#find">find me</a> personally (in the net, of course ;).<br/>  So, watch out, read carefully, and don't take everything too seriously <i>*smirks*</i>! </p> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="4"><b><a name="pics">This looks like ... Rhonda!!!</a></b></font><br/> <table><tr> <td valign="top"> Well, at the moment there is just this one. I hope this is enough for the moment.<br/>  This shot was taken at my first jump in Faliraki / Rhodos / Greece. It really was a great feeling! I'm quite sure that I will do it again, when I get the chance to... </td> <td><link ac-html><img src="pics/alf.jpg" alt="[rhonda]" border="0"></link></td> </tr></table> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="work">What I do for a living...</a></b></font><br/>  First of all I am a student at the <link tu>Technical University of Vienna</link>. <s>I am kind of working there for <link mars>The Project</link>. We are offering Linux for the students in a dual-boot environment. If you want to see for what I am responsible then take a look at <link lbr>my page there</link>.</s> <link mars>The Project</link> is now outdated and superseded by the <link liz>LiZ</link>. It was a fun time working on it.<br />  Finally I am working as <i>sysadmin</i> for <link wootsoft>Wootsoft Entertainment</link>.<br />  Enough work? <b>;/</b> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="like">What I like!</a></b></font><br/>  This is just a short list for the start - it will be expanded (and explained in details) when I am in a better mood (so maybe never <b>;P</b>):<br/> <br/> music - jeans - roleplaying - concerts - t-shirts - cats - open minds - open source - free software - open hearts <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="dont">What I don't like...</a></b></font><br/>  Also here is just a first start for this list - I somehow have the impression that it will expand <b>;/</b> ... Anyway, here it goes: narrow minds - stubborn people - pseudo liberal people - propietary standards <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="use">What I use!</a></b></font><br/>  Sorry, this part of the page has been moved to <link software>/software/</link>, it will be removed completely here, soon. <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="hobby">What do I do in my spare time?</a></b></font><br/>  Several things, if only I could find the time for it <b>;/</b>: <ul> <li><link music>Music</link>: I listen to mostly anything - but simply take a look at the page (when it's ready, you fool *<i>evilgrin</i>*).</li> <li>Concerts: I love to go to concerts. When you look at my <link music>music page</link> you can get a clue about where you could find me. Especially the Forestglade Festival in <link wiesen>Wiesen</link> is a good place to find me, as the <link donauinselfest>Donauinselfest</link> is.</li> <li>RPG's: <b>R</b>ole<b>p</b>laying <b>G</b>ames. Most of the RPG's are situated in fantasy worlds, but I also played in cyberpunk realm, horror realm, etc ... All of these are combined in TORG, which is my best loved system (besides Earth Dawn, Midgard, Cthulhu and DSA).</li> <li>MUD's: <b>M</b>ulti <b>U</b>ser <b>D</b>imension. RPG's in the internet. Some of which I tried out and liked (and even still play) are: <ul> <li><link sl>SilberLand</link>: A german fantasy MUD that is running on a server at my university - so no lag at all (well, most of the time <b>;/</b>). Nice and sweet.</li> <li><link dw>DiscWorld</link>: If it weren't for the lag - this MUD would be the only place I'd be. It's based on the novels by Terry Prattchet. It's really great! Even worth a try through lag ...</li> <li><link ms>Midnight Sun</link>: The first MUD I ever played... And I'm still sometimes there - just to not be deleted *<i>smirks</i>*</li> </ul> </li> <li><link linux>Linux</link>: The OS of my choice. Most of my time I spend on Linux with configuring, helping others (see <a href="#states">below</a>), programming (see also <a href="#projects">below</a>) and sometimes <b>;)</b> also playing a little (xblast, xpilot, gnome-games).</li> </ul> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="projects">The projects I assist:</a></b></font><br/>  Here are the projects I am involved: <ul> <li><link xblas@t>XBLAS@T</link>: The <b>X</b>-<b>B</b>last <b>L</b>eague of <b>A</b>ustria (situated <b>@</b> <b>T</b>U-Wien). Here there is a bunch of people that like that game and some of us (like me <b>;)</b>) are taking part in the further development of it *<i>proudofthat</i>*</li> <li><link bbaa>BBAA</link>: The <b>B</b>lood<b>B</b>owl <b>A</b>ssociation of <b>A</b>ustria. I used to play BloodBowl but can't at the moment due to the lack of time... But I still try to keep the pages up to date (well, at least a little bit <b>:/</b>).</li> <li><link pcp>pcp</link>: The <b>P</b>erl <b>C</b>ron-<b>P</b>oster. It is a short perl-program that I have written for the monthly <link linuxfaq>at.linux FAQ</link> posting. Feel free to use it and/or send any help you can offer.</li> <li><link sigd>sigd</link>: The <b>sig</b>nature <b>d</b>aemon. Another short perl-program I've written that makes ~/.signature (or any other file) a named pipe and gives you on every readout a different answer.</li> <li><link debian>Debian</link>: Yes, finally I'm an official Debian Maintainer. Take a look at my <link debloc>personal debian-pages</link>.</li> </ul>  ... more to come. I have to do the pages before I can link them, you know? <b>>;-)</b> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="states">Where to find my <i>wise</i> statements:</a></b></font><br/> <ul> <li>Different Newsgroups: <ul> <li><link a.l>at.linux</link>: This group I check very often and try to help the others to solve their problems (sometimes even I have some!!)</li> <li><link c.m.m>comp.mail.mutt</link>: I still try to master that genious <link abb>MUA</link>.</li> <li><link n.s.r>news.software.readers</link>: This newsgroup is about all the newsreaders around - and of course also about slrn. For I am still not that handy with scorefiles and s-lang macros I am lurking around there for useful information and even sometimes answer the one or the other question.</li> <li><link a.a-a>alt.ascii-art</link>: At the moment I am again around there sometimes. I simply love those arts, also do a little myself.</li> </ul> </li> <li><link reflex>Reflex</link>: The Reflex Box has a linux-Forum which I also contribute to ...</li> <li><link blackbox>Black Box</link>: The Black Box also has a linux-Forum which I contribute to ...</li> </ul> <hr/> <font color="<<COLOR__C>>" size="+1"><b><a name="find">Where to find me, to talk to or so?</a></b></font><br/>  Well, best option at the moment is to try my ICQ UIN: <b><tt>11783258</tt></b>.<br/>  If that doesn't help you - you can give a look into the <a href="#hobby">muds</a> I play. If you really must know the characters I play you can ask me - but I won't list them here <b>;-P</b><br/>  And finally, you can give the BBS' I have accounts on a try (but at the moment I am not very often there, so this chance is quite low): <ul> <li><link karanet>karanet</link></li> <li><link olymp>olymp</link></li> <li><link global>global village</link></li> </ul>  Well, thats all for now. This will be changed if I notice any differences <b>;)</b>