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Thu, 28 Oct 2004

Big Brother Awards 2004, Free Alternatives

This year for the first time I've been to the Big Brother Awards at the Flex here in Vienna. It has been celebrated for the sixth time this year, but like said I visited the first time so I can't compare with the previous years, but: it was great!! The party afterwards especially, with meeting all the people again. *gg* Anyway, I guess I'll drop by next year again just to see who is the winner.

A friend of me introduced the Free Alternatives list to me today. This is a great project in which people can search for Free alternatives to proprietary products. You can easily add new (prorietary, free) entries (which have to be approved because some people missubmitted quite some stuff because they were free as in beer, not as in speech), link some and enhance the list through it. I plan to enhance the page itself with better translation handling (Accept-Language + gettext support).... See you there!

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