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Wed, 11 Aug 2004

blosxom upload, AcceptLang improved

Thanks to pasc for accepting myself as co-maintainer of the blosxom package. I started working on the bugreports and closed two already with a new upload yesterday. I am not sure if I will be able to do another upload before the deadline for sarge comes out, but I will find a solution for #230797 (and of course the others, too) — it is just not that easy to restructure the things, because /var/lib/blosxom is already taken partly for the plugin state directory (but not used? Uh...). Debconf question for moving the old content and for changing the configuration file is also needed.

I have updated AcceptLang plugin, too. It now does some real parsing of the Accept-Language header or the lang parameter. And it works nicely with the config plugin, too. Furthermore the promised documentation has been added, just "perldoc AcceptLang" it.

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