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Thu, 26 Aug 2004

etpan coming, playing kq, Planet Debian broken

I am working on packaging etpan currently. During the recent discussions about mail user agents on Planet Debian and my partly frustrating experiences with mutt I think I have to give etpan a try. It is new but already quite useable from what I've read, and because it's new it is still open to suggestions; not like mutt. It is a horror to have multiple gnupg keys with different passphrases with mutt, and there are other rather annoying things with it (like, that you can't read other mails while currently composing a message; a feature that I need sometimes to look up references). My current efforts on etpan though turn around getting a liblockfile1 patch for libetpan itself, which is ITPed already but still pending an upload. My efforts aren't that well, because I'm now encountering segfaults with etpan itself... But I guess I'l stick to making etpan setgid mail for the time being (of course I won't upload it that way, or package it such, I'm using dpkg-statoverride locally).

Currently playing kq again. It is a nice adventure and I didn't "finish" it the first time I played. We need much more such games, although someone whom I encouraged to take a look complained to me that the graphics suck. I don't think so, especially I simply don't care about the graphics as long as the longtime motivation and the gameplay is alright. I never heard anyone complaining about that tetris graphics sucked....

Yes, Planet Debian is broken. A while ago I had to restructure my blog a little bit to make it work with my AcceptLang plugin. Because of this Planet Debian displayed entries of mine as new. But it wasn't my fault: Planet Debian gives a damn about the <pubDate> noted in the feed anymore. I was told this is a sort of "precaution against broken blogs that update the pubDate on typo fixes". It is really nice that we do work around broken blogs and harm those who do it right, instead of getting the people to fix their broken software. Yeah for breaking stuff for completely sensible software!

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