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Tue, 19 Oct 2004

Netznetz.net, tpp, OS04, Cinema?

Sven Guckes has again been to Vienna, and we visited the Netznetz.net. It was quite interesting to experience what sort of art in the internet and around the internet in Austria happens. There were of course some known faces, which you meet at various happenings, but it featured also quite some projects which were more than just interesting. Especially one project of a fellow got me, who produced goggles with LEDs which he triggered from the computer, which he let blink for each eye with different frequency to produce some sort of trance feeling, because the speed of the brain halves start to synchronize. Quite impressive...

I did recently a new Vim syntax file for tpp (Upstream). I knew at that time already, that Patricia Jung wrote one, but she has choosen a non-free license for it which I personally don't see as a benefit for the community.... Well, now there are two, a free one and a non-free.

On the upcoming friday the OS04 will be happening in Graz. I'm looking forward to it, because I haven't been to Graz for a while. Especially I am looking forward to meet Jon "Maddog" Hall again. He will give the keynode and I hope to have the chance to discuss all the world and his wive. But I guess I'll rather be all the time at the Debian booth I offered and explain to the people that sarge is ready when it's ready....
At this posibility I am also really looking forward to the release of grml — the live CD for Geeks. Really, if Michael Prokop wouldn't have started it sooner or later I had to do it myself. Propably even with the same name, because I have since 1998 an email address which is named grummel. :-)

I've been asked today if we aren't going to cinema anymore... Sure, we still do. And I'm sorry, that I haven't written anything on it for a longer period of time. This is part of the things that I meant in my recent blog entries. There are 9 film quick cutups missing, and with tonight it will be two more.... *sigh*

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