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Fri, 10 Feb 2006


The following haiku poem was written some days ago. I wasn't too sure about including the final two paragraphs, but after letting it rest for a while I think they don't fit too bad into the overall view.

Lazyness — a pain?
It helps you to optimize...
or do just nothing.

Some say it is art —
a required skill for some,
e.g. syadmins.

To notice repeats
and work on scripts to ease them.
It truly helps there.

But then the downside:
when you don't manage anything
you are lazy stunt.

Not able to do
what you are expected to
and just waste big time.

I strive for former
but fall into latter group
I am but sorry.

The expectations
that I built — to some degree
all by myself — hurt.

I have no idea
why people believe in me,
I don't do myself.

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