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Fri, 24 Jan 2014

Julia Engelmann

This is something different. It is something special. She is something special. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon her, actually. I think it was some suggested video somehow.

I feel deeply sorry for those who don't understand German. But that's the way it is, the text is in German. And it's touching. Take your time, listen to it in a relaxed environment, when you don't have any distraction.

There you are. And I'm sorry for those who don't understand German, but I don't want to hold this back from the others. And I am definitely looking forward to hear more from her. Hopefully she helps me motivate myself to write something new for the upcoming debconf and hold yet another poetry night there. And hopefully it also motivates others to join in.

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Tue, 12 Jan 2010

Your Expectations

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Your Expectations
I won't fulfil them for you
they are only yours

Feeling been let down
it is understandable
but it's also wrong

There are more than me
who can do the piece of work
why just bug me then?

Effect is stop work
so that others won't expect
your problem is solved

German Version

If you are looking for some packages to take care of within Debian, take a look at this list and feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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Wed, 23 Dec 2009

Merry Season Greetings

This poem is only in German language, but I hope you can forgive me to run it in my English language feed nevertheless. I send you the best season greetings, have a nice time, use it well, relax and think about it. :)

Weihnachtsgedicht 2009

Vor ungefähr zweitausend Jahren
glaubt man, wurde ein Mann geboren
glaubt man, dass es Gottes Sohn gewesen ist
glaubt man, der uns alle erlösen sollte

Irgendwann später
dachte man, das wäre ein Grund, daran zu denken
dachte man, es wäre ein Grund, in sich zu kehren
dachte man, es wäre eine besinnliche Zeit

Heute jedoch
stresst man, um nur ja Geschenke für alle zu finden
stresst man, weil jeder überall mit einem feiern will
stresst man, um sich besonders gütig zu zeigen

Ich wünsche mir, dass
wir helfen, uns zurück zu erinnern
wir helfen, uns zurück zu besinnen
wir helfen, wieder ruhiger zu werden

Ich wünsche euch ein erlöstes, besinnliches,
gütiges und ruhiges Weihnachtsfest!

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Wed, 08 Jul 2009

Full Moon

On monday there were extremely heavy rainfall. This made it even more surprising that I was able to see the moon so clear and beautiful while driving home by night. It did motivate me to write the following Haikus which I want to share with you:

full moon shining down
it is calming and peaceful
even when cloudy

in all its silence
not much that matters and counts
giving you comfort

just watch its bright light
it does not care for others
think about yourself

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Wed, 21 May 2008

Love is...

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Love is For Sharing
Share your Fun, your Joy, your Heart
Best Moments in Life

Love is Not to Share
Don't share Birthday Dinner's Bills
Not Forgetable

Love is About Talks
Talk a Lot, 'bout Everything
Talks will Hook You Up

Love is Not to Talk
Don't Overstate when in Rage
It will Hurt you Both

Love is For Spending
Spend Much Time with Each Other
It's just Natural

Love is Not to Spend
Hobbies are Fun, but Beware:
Not on Holidays

Love is For Writing
Take the Time and Write It Down
Love Letters are Fun

Love is a Black Out
No Idea how to Praise Them
Not Able To Write

Love is For Thinking
Do Not Forget the Good Things
In Times of Troubles

Love is Not to Think
Just be Yourself Where You Go
Let It Drive Itself

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Fri, 25 Apr 2008

Baby is Leaving

Just to not confuse readers from Planet Debian, the mentioned baby is not Miriam Ruiz. Sorry. :)

baby is leaving
flying over the big sea
heading for some place

I wish her good luck
and that she will come back soon
to my open arms

P.S.: Tiny bits changed after some nagging from baby. ;)

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Thu, 22 Nov 2007

Strange ...

Haven't written anything for way too long, I tried to put something down again last week, and this is what I came up with. It's not influenced by anything special, it's not as well as I usual prefer, but still, I thought I should share.

life is strange
it starts off without knowledge
in the end you die

love is strange
it starts off with bad heartaches
in the end - alone

things are strange
still we try to survive it
go on day by day

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Fri, 10 Feb 2006


The following haiku poem was written some days ago. I wasn't too sure about including the final two paragraphs, but after letting it rest for a while I think they don't fit too bad into the overall view.

Lazyness — a pain?
It helps you to optimize...
or do just nothing.

Some say it is art —
a required skill for some,
e.g. syadmins.

To notice repeats
and work on scripts to ease them.
It truly helps there.

But then the downside:
when you don't manage anything
you are lazy stunt.

Not able to do
what you are expected to
and just waste big time.

I strive for former
but fall into latter group
I am but sorry.

The expectations
that I built — to some degree
all by myself — hurt.

I have no idea
why people believe in me,
I don't do myself.

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Fri, 18 Nov 2005

that's what friends are for

After quite a while a new Haiku. This time it's somewhat longer, and (like mostly) due to recent happenings. I hope you like it as much as the person for whom I wrote it.

friends are there for you
they help you through thick and thin
that's what friends are for

to depend on them
is just really natural
don't try to be strong

show them how you feel
if they are true friends for you
they are there for you

helping through bad times
is what friendship is about
so don't try to hide

friends are there in good
but you find out when in bad
who is your real friend

people hanging out
when you are in your good times
are nice, but real friends?

so bad times are good
if you want to find it out
who is real, who's not

that's what friends are for
they help you through thin and thick
friends are there for you

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Tue, 07 Jun 2005

The Girl and the Boy

I know this is not a Haiku, but when I started this section I didn't know that I'd write something else and I don't know where else to put it. So for the time being it will be here.

It started out with the first paragraph while heading for the train. There I opened my laptop and started writing it down, not knowing what would it turn into. I just knew what the next paragraph would look like, I knew she needed a counter part. From there I got this rough line in my head and it simply evolved. Some part even shifted around a bit while writing...

I hope you like it. I know at least that I do. If you like it or leave me some message on it please view the piece on deviantART and do it there.

The Girl and the Boy - Complete Piece

there has been a girl
who had it up to here
she was annoyed with anything
and was drinking too much beer

then there was a boy
whose life was neither easy
and every day he got up well
he ended being dizzy

life had been a bully
to both of them so far
the only thing it spared for them
was an enourmous, visible scar

they never saw each other
and maybe never will
though there is something special
and that is both their skill

the love for art connects them
helps them through their lifes
though the distance cuts them
deepest like some knifes

yet so far they seem so close
making it through their days
and living to give each other strength
in most peculiar ways

I wonder what may happen next
when they maybe meet
I guess at least, for a start
there would be a treat

the life goes on for you and me
here the story ends
just like in all the cinemas
now the story blends

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Thu, 28 Apr 2005


Some of my Haikus will appear only here because I don't think they are good enough for my deviantART account, others though are appearing only over there because they are too personal for over here. So if someone is really interested they'd have to track both sites...

The following was written on the way to a meeting, I wasn't feeling too well neither... But the foreboding were more or less correct... This is though one of those which I don't upload to dA.

Meetings waste much time.
Though people tell it's worth it
I cannot agree.

Discussing is tough
with people that disagree
and see it as art

I am on my way
to just another meeting
why oh why no end....

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Wed, 20 Apr 2005

Chain Letters

I stumbled upon murtletheturtle on deviantART and her latest Journal Entry rant about chain mails. This inspired this quick Haiku:

Chain Letters or Mails
From a Dead Society
Me wonders: No Cure?

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Tue, 19 Apr 2005

Der Abend

Some might have noticed that I recently noticed the joy of writing haikus. I discussed about it with a friend and we decided to start a haiku section in our blogs.

Though I blog always both in English and in German I don't want to limit my haikus to such that align in both languages, so I hope you don't mind too much when they are only available in one language. I promise that I'll write some in English as in German (just like I've done already.)

Alright, here it goes. Title for this one can be seen above, meaning "The Evening":

der abend, still, ruhig
eine andächtige zeit
außer man geht fort

dann geht es echt rund
und man lässt sich total geh'n
bis es dir leid tut

doch kein zurück mehr
zu spät und du hast versagt
nie mehr wiederseh'n

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