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sigd - SIGnature Daemon


 This page is about the SIGnature Daemon done by Rhonda. If you were looking for another program with the same name take a look at the end of the page.

 What is this sigd you might ask... Well, it creates a pipe called .signature in your homedir from which mailprograms takes text that will be appended to your mails. What sigd does is that it gives everyone that wants to read from .signature a random signature file situated in a .sig dir in you homedir.

Download Section

 You can download the source-package directly from here:
Older Versions:
Try to right-click on the link if you just get some strange signs on your screen after the click.

 It contains the following files:


Plans for future releases

  • a possibility to start it as real daemon -- DONE with version 0.9.1, thanks to Andreas Krennmair
  • a lock file so no 2 sigd may run for one user -- DONE with version 0.9.1, thanks to Jochen Striepe
  • A posibility to rehash the signature files without having to restart using SIGHUP -- DONE with version 0.10.0, thanks to Bernd Petrovitsch
  • Use a log-file (or maybe syslog) if something bad happens. Haven't decided what exactly to do in that situations (currently printing error to STDERR which is linked to /dev/null :-/ )

 ... and some other stuff I can't thing of yet ;-)
If you have any sugguestions I would be pleased to hear about them.

Btw., I've been notified recently that there is another project that is called sigd out there. It uses a different approach: While my sigd uses a pipe to get true random content the other version overwrites the file every 10 seconds (that's the default, you can of course change it :). If you are interested in that project (or were looking for it) you should take a look at this page (don't you simply hate this linking name conventions? *sigh*).

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