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 This site is the somewhat creative output of Rhonda D'Vine with help of the following stuff:

 Please note that not all the stuff was done by Rhonda herself, e.g. the link-buttons on the mainpage and in the sidebar are not Alfies output.

 If you like to see the sources for this page follow the source link in the about box on the right side (download them, I have no viewer for them yet), or take a look at my wml-source list. Also, if you want to have something like a sitemap that is also a good point to look at, although it is quite unsorted...

 This webpages are published in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

 If you find some piece of work that you think that is missing some correct credit then it would be a great idea to tell her at rhonda@deb.at, and it will be fixed in (almost) no time... If you like to send me a gnupg/pgp encrypted mail you might be interested in my gpg public key.
 Please notice that this is no invitation to use this address for SPAM in any way. I will not accept such behavior and report it to your abuse-address. You have been warned!

So long, Rhonda
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