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 In here you can find the sources for the pages on this site. This service is meant as hint for the not so skilled wml users but could also help me because you are encouraged to send me any ideas you may have about this sources (e.g. how some things could be done in a cleaner or more obvious way).
 So, if you like it or not, especially if you want to use part of it, be so kind and send me an e-mail.

My WML-Files

  • /WML/index.wml: This file creates the index page for the WML-files (this page ;-)
  • /abb.wml: This file shows the abbrevations that are often used in the net.
  • /alfie/index.wml: Alfie's page with personal infos.
  • /ascii/index.wml: My personal ASCII drawing collection and links to other great ASCII sites.
  • /ascii/unsorted.wml: Unsorted pics I did over the time.
  • /config/index.wml: This page will give you an index about all the config files I am offering. Feel free to use them and/or send me comments on them.
  • /debian/index.wml: My mainpage about Debian - my choice of an OperatingSystem.
  • /disclaimer.wml: The disclaimer :)
  • /includes/bottom.wml: This file generates the bottom.shtml for the Directory Index page
  • /includes/styles.wml: In here the css stylesheet definitions are
  • /includes/top.wml: This file generates the top.shtml for the Directory Index page
  • /index.wml: The mainpage, the root of all evil.
  • /missing.wml: This file generates the ssi page for missing pages.
  • /music/index.wml: This file will create my music page - which it doesn't yet for I'm too lazy to do anything about that page yet....
  • /projects/index.wml: Projects mainpage
  • /projects/pcp/index.wml: The Perl Cron-Poster. A short perl-script that I wrote for posting the FAQ for at.linux.
  • /projects/sigd/index.wml: sigd is my very own perl-script, that makes your ~/.signature into a pipe and writes randomly (or sequentially) files from a given directory into that pipe.
  • /projects/slrn/index.wml: My personal page about this genious newsreader. I also have written a "quick start" file for it, but that one is in german only. Take a look at the official page for an english version.
  • /projects/vim/index.wml: My personal page about this great texteditor. It includes the syntax-file for wml that I'm currently maintaining.
  • /projects/vim/syntax/index.wml: This page is mainly just there for a link to the syntax file...
  • /quottl/index.wml: "Fullquottl of the Month!" award page.
  • /software/index.wml: On this page you will be able to find the links to some software project I like, assist or simply would you like to give a try (they are really worth it!).
  • /win32.wml: This page is just a linklist of useful win32 programs.

My includes-Files

  • bottom.wmi
  • colors.wmi
  • frame.wmi
  • href.wmi: The list of all the <a href=""> I am using...
      What do you say? You can't use this link? *scratches* Well, either there must be a bug or a reason for this... ;-)) But don't care too much for there isn't something special in it but just a collection of all the references I am using so I only have to check this one file if one changed (I am quite lazy ;). It's also nothing special - just the same things as in the wml_tutorial manual page.
  • navigation.wmi
  • tags.wmi: Some tags that I redefined or created...
  • top.wmi
  • subdirs.wmi
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