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Config Files

 Here you are able to find the config file for the programs I am using. This is on the one hand meant to let you know how I do my things (and so give you some hints), and on the other hand to give you a chance to help me if I'm doing just crap. So feel free to mail me any comments you have on this...

 First of all there is the root of all evil, the file for the shell, the ~/.bashrc file. You will notice some special settings in there: I try to move everything off my homedirectory. I've made a ~/etc/ directory into which I move those things. If you know some programs that I am using that can be configured with environment-variables (not commandline options!) to move their runtime-configuration files off their special place, it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me about that.

 Next there are the files for vim: The ~/.vimrc, the mysyntaxfile.vim and the myfiletypefile.vim which can be located wherever you like (according to my vimrc it's in ~/etc/vim/). This three files are quite well documented and have a meaningful (to my likes ;) setup.

 Furthermore I offer you my files for slrn: ~/.slrnrc. I did seperate the color-, keymap- and the personal-settings into seperate files, for comfort ;-)

 Also you can take a look at my ~/.muttrc. Here I have seperated the color-, the keymap- and the personal settings, too.

 So far, thank you for you attention. And feel free to send any comments on the file, the page or anything else you might think I am interested in (this does not include SPAM!!!).

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