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 You will find here some more info about the one and only true newsreader in the future. Currently I can only offer you these things:

 Yes, I know, it's not much, but here is a list you might be interested in. In the newsgroup at.linux there started a discussion about the One True Signature-Color[tm] which produced some nice things (newer shots are added at the end of the list!):

  • StatNews Report for at.linux: In this list you find the amount of users with an X-Signature-Color: header and what colors they are using.
  • YaNR: Yet another NewsReport *smirks* It uses different settings and a slightly different script than Jochen's stats above.
  • slrn- A patch for slrn- written by Thomas Themel that sets the color to his true color ;-)
  • A genious slang-script that sets the sig-color within slrn depending on the posters X-Signature-Color: Header field. Also written by Thomas Themel. You have to adjust the bg-color and the default-color to your likes, of course :)
  • root.jpg: Thomas Themel's screenshot of his color representation.
  • slrn.jpg: This is Thomas Zajic's screenshot.
  • slrn_nt.png: Again a screenshot from Thomas Themel, from slrn running under Windows-NT.
  • slrn.png: Peter Bergt's try on producing acceptable colors representation of colors. The signature is the last part (the green one) - at least I was told so. Hard to tell on a spoiled article, you know...
  • slrn.png: This is my own screenshot of my color settings. Those are strongly inspired by the Debian defaults for mutt - which I think are the most useable and comfortable colors I've ever seen. Depends if you like dark background, that is, right ;)
  • pics.html: Finally this is Sven Guckes page about slrn with some screenshots. Regarding to this he is into the green-signature division.
  • slrn-shot.jpeg: This one is done by Jochen Striepe. Finally he managed to do a real shot :) He used the same posting as me - I think that one is a quite good reference to compare the color-settings :)
  • slrnchf.jpg: Christian Fiedler likes to present his choise of colors, too. I think he has choosen a quite nice article to do so ;-)
    Thanks to Christian himself this picture could be saved from some over-productive sysadmins at his university who canceled his account. I now have the picture living locally - thanks again.

 Further more you SHOULD keep in mind the following paragraph that is a so far quite unknown excerpt of the RFC "1036 - Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels":

2.1.  Required Header lines

2.1.7.  X-Signature-Color

    This line shows the color of the signature on the system, where the
    message entered the network. Valid colors are:
    "black" "red" "green" "blue" "magenta" "cyan" "lightgray"
    "gray" "brightgreen" "yellow" "brightblue" "brightmagenta"
    "brightcyan" and "white".
    The line MUST contain the forground color and OPTIONAL the background
    color of the display system. If both colors are given they SHOULD be
    Note: This line is a "Required Header Line" in the newsgroup
    "at.linux", and a "Optional Header Line" in other newsgroups.
    Note also: The header line may be written "X-Signature-Color" in the
    United Kingdom, and "X-Signatur-Colour" by careless users.
    The required regexp to match the line is /X-Signature?-Colou?r:/.

 Much thanks to Leopold Toetsch for discovering this important piece of documentation!

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