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Mon, 26 Jul 2010

Art of Noise

Alright, get ready for the next round of music links. This time I stumbled upon an old (and still) favorite band of mine while looking for references to Max Headroom: Art of Noise. You most probably have heard the one or the other song from them, they are featured pretty often. Here they are:

  • Moments In Love: Well known song, I suspect.
  • Peter Gunn: Also very well known and used often. You have to wait a bit for the music to hook in, there is an intro in the video.
  • Paranoimia: Third great song you might have heard somewhere already. Absolutely lovely song indeed.

It's really sad to see such great bands to pass away. But it's still the perfect music to have running in the background when hacking along. Highly motivating, great to hum along. Oh, and you might ask, where is the connection to Max Headroom. Here it is, in a special version of Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom!


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