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 Please feel welcome to my site. This site is growing from now to then, and currently I can offer you these pages:

  • General stuff:
    • LinuxFAQ: The FAQ for the newsgroup at.linux
  • Personal stuff:
    • slrn: My pages on this really powerful newsreader.
    • vim: Everyone needs a texteditor, right? This is one of the most powerful and advanced texteditors around. It's hard to learn but once you've found your way to it you won't be using anything else.
    • ASCII-Art: Here you can see some of the arts I created. Mostly diddles but some are even originals.
    • config files: Here you can see some of my configuration files. They might be of help for you. If you have any questions or sugguestions for them please let me know.
    • Some projects:
      • PCP: The perl cronposter. It's a short perl-script I wrote for posting the mini-FAQ for at.linux.
      • sigd: The signature daemon. This is the reason why every news-posting and mail from me has a different signature.
    • win32: This page is something I started when I was working at Siemens. I did it there for I was forced to work on an NT machine - but it was used by others and I still like to help those who doesn't have the choice. Any mails with ideological or fanatical crap about this page will be simply ignored, other comments are encouraged :-)

 Furthermore this site also hosts the pages about Rhonda, of course ;) If you want to meet him personally, a good place to go to is the Asylum. It is a really nice underground event which I would sugguest you to give a try :-)

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 Some might call me Addicted to vi. And what can I tell you... They are damned right!!

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