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Wed, 10 Jul 2013

Caravan Palace

And now for something completely different. No, this blog entry isn't about the great Monty Python's, even though they definitely deserve to be brought to the attention of the still unenlightened. This is about something completely different music style wise.

This is about Caravan Palace. I was recently introduced to this band, and I must say, they definitely have the swing. Just listen to them and feel your feed starting to move along.

  • Suzy: The first video that I listened to, and it definitely got me interested, as you can see.
  • Jolie Coquine: The kind of swing our (grand?)parents did listen and dance to. I definitely feel it in my legs, too.
  • Dramophone (for Germans): Also quite nice.

I hope you like the selection because I just started listening to them. They might not be the best options, but should get you started to get a feeling for the band.

Like always, enjoy!

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