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Fri, 27 Jan 2017

Icona Pop

Last fall I went to a Silent Disco event. You get wireless headphones, a DJane and a DJ were playing music on different channels, and you enjoy the time with people around who can't hear what you hear. It's a pretty funny experience, and it was one of the last warm sunny days. There I heard a song that was just in the mood for the moment, and made me looking up the band to listen more closely to them.

The band was Icona Pop, they have a mood enlighening pop sound that cheers you up. Here are the songs I want to present you today:

  • I Love It: The first song I heard from them, and I Love It!
  • Girlfriend: Sweet song, and probably part of the reason they are well received in the LGBTIQ community.
  • All Night: A song/video with a message.

Like always, enjoy!

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Helder wrote at 2017-01-27 15:03:

Very good...mainly the "All night" song, good words, good vibe, the way that a disco sound should be...keep the good work...alive and kicking ;)

Paul Johnson wrote at 2017-01-27 16:11:

I Love It's the only song by Icona Pop I've heard (at least according to last.fm), but that song hits me *really* strange when I actually listen to the lyrics. At least the way I heard the song, it sounds like the writer of the song...

* Intentionally(?) gets involved in a firey traffic wreck with an overpass. * Dating someone 20 years older than them, then kicks them out by packing all their stuff into a trashbag and throwing it down the stairwell of the apartment block, for utterly superficial reasons. * Does not care about any of it. * Loves it all.

...it's a happy song about being a complete freaking sociopath!

spwhitton wrote at 2017-01-28 03:04:

Thanks for this!

Rhonda wrote at 2017-01-29 13:18:

Paul, I can see why you interpret it like that. I don't see the "kicks them out" part. And "all their stuff" can very be shirts, presents, underwear left over at their place. If you never had a breakup from an abusive relationship then good for you. Sometimes you just want to get rid of the memories - and doing so makes you feel so much better. You might assume it's sociopathic, but it's a self cleaning and healing thing to do, and yes, indeed, it's something that allows you to love yourself again.

It's always the point of view, and I can totally relate to wanting to leave stuff behind for good or worse.

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