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Sun, 10 Apr 2005

Love Sucks

Some friend mentioned that she was listening for days now to just one song. Firstly I found the idea strange, and no wonder it didn't work out for me with that very song. Though, after some special incident yesterday I found the song with which it works for me: "Love Sucks" from Die fantastischen Vier. I'm listening now to it in a loop since yesterday (with a little break of radio and roleplaying and sleeping). I guess there might be for most people such a song. Would be interested which songs is able to do it for you.

Yesterday I also wrote this Haiku. The only drawback about is that it doesn't involve any nature/season reference, but then, love is sort of part of the nature, not?

Love sucks. yes, really
There is no love or respect
In this world no more

I'm fine, thanks. But I needed to get this off me. Back to being happy, won't we. :)

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