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Tue, 02 Feb 2016


Today is one of these moods. And sometimes one needs certain artists/music to foster it. Music is powerful. There are certain bands I know that I have to stay away from when feeling down to not get too deep into it. Knowing that already helps a lot. The following is an artist that is not completely in that area, but he got powerful songs and powerful messages nevertheless; and there was this situation today that one of his songs came to my mind. That's the reason why I present you today Moby. These are the songs:

  • Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?: The song for certain moods. And lovely at that, not dragging me too much down. Hope you like the song too. :)
  • Extreme Ways: The ending tune from the movie The Bourne Ultimatum, and I fell immediately in love with the song. I used it for a while as morning alarm, a good start into the day.
  • Disco Lies: If you consider the video disturbing you might be shutting your eyes from what animals are facing on a daily basis.

Hope you like the selection; and like always: enjoy!

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Charles Bell wrote at 2016-02-03 02:46:

I know how you feel. For years I have been trying to sleep and tried many different CDs of sounds and music. Finally, I tried the album "O Espirito da Paz" by Madredeus and now I go to sleep faster, sleep longer and feel more rested in the morning. I just put the CD on repeat the playlist and go to bed. Even though I don't understand a word of Portuguese, I enjoy the music even awake.

kuLa wrote at 2016-02-04 12:04:

great choice and I have to say that 'extreme ways' is one of my whole life favourites

take care Rhonda

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