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Vi Improved - the texteditor

 Below you can find the reasons why I choose vim for my work. If you are interested in my config-file, you can find them here.

 There is quite a big selection for texteditors available. And there is also a big selection that seems to be easier to use than vim. The only problem about that is that it only seems to be so, especially at the start...

 Why I am writing this? Well... Try to handle bigger files within gnotepad, pico, kedit or what else lurks around there. It's quite impossible to navigate simple and fast within those...
 Yes, there are other powerful editors like emacs (but that one wastes resources like hell), jed and so on, but those aren't available on (almost) all (unix-like) systems. You can quite surely bet on vi or a clone being available. And within most linux-distributions it is the default replacement for vi, not just because its 99% and up compatibility to vi.

 The major improvements over vi are:

  • platform ports: like all unix systems, amiga, MS-DOS, Win3.1, 9x and NT, OS/2, Atari, VMS, BeOS and Mac
  • multi level undo
  • GUI
  • multi windows and buffers
  • syntax highlighting: Take a look at the syntax files I am maintaining
  • macros
  • visual mode inclusive block mode
  • online help
  • command-line editing and history
  • commandline and insertmode completion
  • auto formating
  • quickfix: speeds up edit/compile/edit phases
  • search for words in included files
  • autocommands on different events
  • scripts
  • mouse support

 ... and much more.

 It is true that vim is quite hard to learn - one reason for sure are the different modes - but once you've managed that point you are getting more productive every day.

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