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Fri, 10 Sep 2010

Lenny: 900 RC bugs

It is a while since we managed to get below the 1000 stable RC mark. Last weekend we managed the next mark, that is we are below 900 now! Obviously my effort during the RCBC did take us a fair step in that direction, but I don't want to take full credit for it.

The last bit that got us below the 900 happened through an event of last weekend: The current point release of lenny. Be aware that the BTS doesn't know about proposed-updates, so bugs closed through uploads to there only are seen when they hit the main pool—which is the reason for point releases. It were something around 25 RC bugs that were closed by that. I haven't checked who exactly is to thank here, but looking at the non-DSA packages one finds some perl packages and at least two font packages. Thanks to the corresponding teams for their help!

I plan to continue these efforts, so if you think it's a good idea you might want to flattr it. I think this quote sums up the motivation behind this pretty well:

<jwilk> Yay, only 900 bugs to fix and we can release lenny! Oh wait...

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