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Tue, 28 Sep 2010

That's What Friends Are For

If I'll make it through this week it's because of these special people in my life. They help me through thick and thin, they believe in me, they are there for me. There is one universal term for them, friends. The term in its real meaning, in its original meaning, not in the perverted sense that sites like Facebook want to make you believe that it's alright to apply to random bystanders. You won't go as far for those as you'd go for your true friends, so don't let them steal away the meaning of the word from you.

As music is one of the most driving force for me and this song makes me wanna cry, this is what I want to send out to my friends who are able to motivate me to keep me going: That's What Friends Are For. And as this song is so special I won't drown it in two more like I usual do, this blog entry goes to my personal section anyway. There is though a second video of a live version of it that in my opinion adds quite something to it, it contains a short interview with Dionne Warwick at the end.


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Thu, 23 Sep 2010


I guess it's time again to push for another band. This time I present you Garbage. I love them, but one has to be careful in what mood one is when listening to them; it's possible that they move you in a direction you don't feel comfortable with at that time.

  • Bleed Like Me: If you listen closely to the lyrics of the second verse you might get an idea why had to love that song.
  • The World Is Not Enough: One might argue that a band has made it when they do a James Bond title song. This is it.
  • Only Happy When It Rains: Probably the best known song from Garbage. Damn fine, great tune and groove for the message it contains.


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Fri, 10 Sep 2010

Lenny: 900 RC bugs

It is a while since we managed to get below the 1000 stable RC mark. Last weekend we managed the next mark, that is we are below 900 now! Obviously my effort during the RCBC did take us a fair step in that direction, but I don't want to take full credit for it.

The last bit that got us below the 900 happened through an event of last weekend: The current point release of lenny. Be aware that the BTS doesn't know about proposed-updates, so bugs closed through uploads to there only are seen when they hit the main pool—which is the reason for point releases. It were something around 25 RC bugs that were closed by that. I haven't checked who exactly is to thank here, but looking at the non-DSA packages one finds some perl packages and at least two font packages. Thanks to the corresponding teams for their help!

I plan to continue these efforts, so if you think it's a good idea you might want to flattr it. I think this quote sums up the motivation behind this pretty well:

<jwilk> Yay, only 900 bugs to fix and we can release lenny! Oh wait...

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Tue, 07 Sep 2010


I started to give flattr a try, too. It is a social micropayment site and the similarity of its name to the verb flatter is on intention. It is meant to say thanks in small amounts month by month to "things" you like. One such thing I created is my blog—you can find the link to it below every entry. To be able to flattr someone one needs to create an account on the site and put money into their account. After that it's possible to follow the flattr button links. If you are reading my blog on my site and have JavaScript enabled you just have to click the flattr part of the image (not the number) to do so. If you are reading it through my feed or with JavaScript disabled you will have to click a second time on the flattr site to make the flattring happen.

Another thing I've created is Debian BTS: cleaning up. I use this link in my mails to the Debian BTS for my stable RC cleanup efforts, or general proper closing of bugs that aren't getting archived. Through the help of UDD I've created me helpful overview pages of bugs that need attention for this.

The third thing I've created is Package Maintenance. If you are a fan of one of the packages I maintain and want to thank me for taking proper care of it, feel free to also click this one. Please be aware that this shouldn't be seen as an Upstream appreciation—if one of the projects I package for Debian uses flattr themself then you should definitely (also) consider flattring them for their own.

About Upstream projects that use flattr: One of the packages I invest quite a lot of effort into started using flattr: wesnoth. They have put the flattr button on their entry page at wesnoth.org, here is the direct link to their first and general thing: The Battle for Wesnoth.

Please be reminded that the things you did flattr in a previous month can again be flattred the next month. This is especially true for general purpose things like what I am using currently. Others might create things for every single blog entry, or very specific tasks, to allow people to flattr them more often in a month and get a bigger share of the cake. So keep in mind which things are general ones and consider returning to them.


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