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Mon, 15 Mar 2010

stable RC Bug Squashing, Part 2

A while ago I blogged about squashing release-critical bugs in stable. Yesterday we have reached a big milestone on that area: The amount of release-critical bugs in stable dropped below 1000 (blue graph). This might sound like it's still pretty high but given that we were well over 1600 RC bugs in stable a while ago I consider this quite a success.

This is though no time for rest. There is still way too many RC bugs in stable, there are definitely still a lot of bugs that just aren't affecting stable and thus can be marked as such meaning no upload needs to get done for them. I'm taking a close look at those with higher numbers and most of those seem to be validly affecting stable too so they might require a bit more work than just tagging them.

Thanks to all people who helped on that area, I can just remember a few names and don't want to make anyone else also working on stable to feel singled out, though I want to thank Lucas for tagging his FTBFS rounds with squeeze sid right from the start because the packages obviously have built before due to his regular rebuilds. Thanks to all, but like said, not the time to rest. The green squeeze graph is still around 250 bugs away from us!

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