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Tue, 08 Mar 2005

E-Day, aewan

Time is passing by, live is passing by. Same shit, only different days. Unless you take a closer look. Doing sponsor uploads regularly, and then out of the short there are things like the e_day. Got invited to help there just really shortly before, and after all I can say I was glad that it was possible to get free for it. It was an event by the local economy camber and mostly company oriented. They had this booth area for the so-called "Open Source Expert Group" where Alexander Biedermann and me helped out. We have been there just until about 13 o'clock, but still quite some interesting questions popped up that we hopefully were able to answer. I even got the chance to promote debian-women there, we talked to two women for quite a while who were quite interested in both what Alexander's company and Debian could offer them. Although only wireless lan was available we tried to make the best of it.

Playing around with aewan lately. Submitted two small patches already, one to add the usual "<o>ther corner" function to the selection mode which almost all tools have in the one or other way, and fiddling around with the HTML export to make it also show the background color and some other quirks in the resulting HTML source. Right now I just came up with another patch that should be incorporated into aecat, hope it will be done as quickly as the others. I really think that this is one of the most helpful tools for ASCII/ANSI artists, especially the layer part rocks.

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