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Fri, 01 Jul 2005

Mako killed my legs

Had been to the LinuxTag this year again. Some crazy people paid for my train ticket so I show up there... Well, the train had its usual delay, but finally I got there. Met some old faces I've met on events before and some new ones I really was looking forward to. Even managed to visit three talks on the first day, a new event record for me. The most interesting one has been the one from Meike Reichle about Debian-Women. Got me wondered if I really should try to participate there with hearing about the male/female ratio on the list and on IRC and that some females rather shy away than try to participate when seeing so much males in there. On the other hand I'm not really pleased with the QoT (nice acronym, got it from their own list), so am somehow sitting in between the seats here....

Next day morning I noticed that my left sandal was b0rked and I was running around the whole day without ones. It would't had been much of a problem if it weren't so damned hot. Switching from the one hall to the other running across the place outside it felt like I got burned on my feets' soles. Did the first part of LPIC-1 test there, wasn't a big deal, put some comments on the additional sheet and hope they'll be able to read it and improve it in that respect. Got me new shoes as a present for passing it. ;)

In the evening there had been the social event which was quite nice — and long. Talking to all the people takes some time, and it was funny to see that people went crazy because they weren't able to hand out beer for about half an hour or such. As if people would die if they drink something else in the meantime... And I guess you've all seen the funny pictures already that were shot there, you can find a linklist to galleries collected by Joey like every year on his infodrom pages.

On saturday there had been another talk I visited ("Free Software with a female touch" by Fernanda). And the keysigning party, with over 100 participants... Lasted long, but finally done. Just have to sign all the keys now... *sighs*
After that there was little time left to speak with all the people, gathering my stuff and disassembling the booth. We went eating pizza and then back to the AKK. I really wanted to leave that evening already, but Mako forced me to stay with stating that he wouldn't send me any abusive SMS if I'd leave. Isn't that mean?! Oh well...
There had been this university party going on that night where we went to. It was really great! Lots of people, two halls for dancing and one where they had bands playing. Mako, Dogi, Azeem and me danced the night away.... And even at four in the morning, when my legs were already complaining it wasn't able to get Mako to stop. Dude, that guy has energy!! And one of the best dancing styles I've seen. If I thought he's adorable before by reading his blog and taking a look at his pictures his dancing makes me even more adore him... That guy truly rocks! .. and killed my legs. *grrrr*

Tolimar, you aren't the only one who has to fear getting to HEL wrecked. Although it got a bit better so far I made the mistake to meet Mako and Dogi again yesterday. Just met for some hanging out (*sigh* ;)) but when I had to hurry for my subway my legs started to hurt again because I had to run.... Damn you, Mako!

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