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Sat, 28 Aug 2004

Building on mipsel

Finally I've got access to a mipsel machine. Thought the Needs-Build stats for mipsels aren't that bad anymore, I see big problems with the ordering: I've found yaz to be waiting since 72 days for a mipsel build making it invalid for sarge, and several other packages that are also waiting (only) for mipsel builds: dbview (15 days), gauche (43 days), libopengl-perl (45 days), sqlite (20 days), nemesis (34 days), txt2pdbdoc (29 days), and so on.... There is definitely something wrong, when other packages which are uploaded just recently have no problem being picked up by the mipsel buildds (which had problems, but still processed others in the meantime on irregular basis).

Thus I am currently hand building packages for mipsel on a host that I got sponsored by Kapper.net: Much thanks to you, Harald!! He sponsors the machine with connectivity completely to the project, and I hope to get it incorporated into either buildd.debian.org or buildd.net, whichever sounds more reasonable to me and do accept it. I will though keep on building by hand because of the missorting in the scripts for the time being (in order given by oldest.html). This will help sarge much more, IMHO. I am uploading the build logs to my own webserver because I don't want an apache on the build machine to load it even more. If you are interested in them, here they are.

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