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Wed, 23 Mar 2005

Correction to rsync Entry

I have written about that rsync rocks. This obviously is still true, but I need to make a correction to it about something that might have been misunderstood: I did try it, but the idea for trying it came originally from Matthias Kopfermann. He came up with suggesting xdelta or rsync, and personally I would never have thought of testing it if it wouldn't have been for him. It was simply a result that I'd have never expected.

I want to excuse to those who have read my previous entry which was really scathing, and especially to Matthi. It was written in a bad mood and after a heated discussion about something else, so I reacted in a really bad way. I hope this will stay the only time I have to change my blog because I usually don't like these things at all, appart from typo fixes, of course.

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