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Fri, 18 Mar 2005

rsync rocks my home!

With the release of grml 0.3 I wondered if it does gain much while trying to suck the image via rsync. So I did the following:

$> mv grml_0.2.iso grml_0.3.iso
$> rsync rsync://grml.gwendoline.at/grml/grml_0.3.iso grml_0.3.iso

Because grml is based on unstable really much has changed, so I wonder what the outcome might be. And it really astonished me:

sent 189798 bytes  received 377290139 bytes  444879.12 bytes/sec
total size is 727541760  speedup is 1.93

That means in fact, that only (189798+377290139)/727541760*100 == 51% of the total iso image file size got transfered. Woohhh!! People, pretty please start using rsync for such jobs more often!

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