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Mon, 14 Mar 2011

Squeeze RC bugs, #2

Another week, though this one wasn't as fruitful as the last one. My excuse here is that I was overwhelmed with private stuff like acquiring a house and starting with cleaning it up so it can become a home.

This is the list for my second week of my stable RC bug squashing:

  • 603846: Update LSB header for hal D-Bus activision, not relevant for squeeze.
  • 604299: please use KDE 4 port, not relevant for squeeze.
  • 608017: XLIB package is not available even after installation, only appears in relation with clisp 2.49.

I know three isn't much, and actually it doesn't impact the list of stable RC bugs not much, we are at 172 open RC bugs against squeeze now. I can only attribute it to that new bugs were filed since, because I am aware that I'm not the only one working on this front, I've been contacted by at least two other people in the last week that are investing some time into this, too.

Mostly for self-reference, the highest reported squeeze RC bugs in the list is 618295. This should help me to get a number of newly reported issues (ignoring severity-bump in lower bug numbers).

Read you next week!

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