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Thu, 19 Jan 2012

Squeeze RCs's Squashing 2012 #1

As sort of new year's resolution I started picking up the habit to work on release critical bugreports for squeeze again. The number is way to high to be healthy, but at least it is (still) below the amount of release critical bugreports for unstable.

It will be an uneven fight because it seems that there are quite some people working on weeding out release critical bugreports in unstable, but those who are interested in weeding out releasing critical bugreports in stable seems to be limited, even though it is one of our supported releases and thus should receive quite some attention, at least by the corresponding package maintainers themself.

So here is the list that I managed so far:

  • 651792: not relevant for squeeze
  • 653520: builds on squeeze
  • 654568: re-add version information lost in reassign
  • 654276: not relevant for squeeze
  • 654257: not failing on squeeze
  • 654810: not happening on squeeze
  • 654459: not relevant for squeeze
  • 654406: not release critical at all, shipped as upstream
  • 655007: python2.7 isn't default in squeeze
  • 655372: doesn't fail in squeeze
  • 527403: libjack-dev in squeeze provides libjack0.100.0-dev
  • 622903: not relevant for squeeze
  • 625764: squeeze has older version of libvelocity-tools-java, not affected
  • 654818: does work in squeeze
  • 647795: squeeze still has libahven1-dev
  • 647796: squeeze still has libahven1-dev
  • 636823: not obsolete in squeeze
  • 628500: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 629255: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 629284: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 629293: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636132: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636268: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636271: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636517: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636520: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636521: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636522: no perl 5.14 in squeeze
  • 636823: not obsolete dependencies in squeeze

That makes 29 squeeze RCs squashed so far, I hope I can keep up with it.


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