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Sat, 18 Oct 2014

Trans Gender Moves

Yesterday I managed to get the last ticket from the waitinglist for the premiere of Trans Gender Moves. It is a play about the lives of three people: A transman, a transwoman and an intersexual person. They tell stories from their life, their process of finding their own identity over time. With in parts amusing anecdotes and ones that gets you thinking I can just wholeheartly encourage you to watch it if you have the chance to. It will still be shown the next few days, potentially extending depending on the requests for tickets, from what I've been told by one of the actors.

The most funny moment for me though was when I was talking with one of the actors about that it really touched me that I was told that one of them will be moving into into the same building I will be moving into in two year's time. Unfortunately that will be delayed a bit because they found me thinks field hamster or the likes in the ground and have to wait until spring for them to move. :/

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tiago wrote at 2014-10-18 12:33:

Oh, I hope they come one day to play this piece here in Mtl!

debian, oh my debian... wrote at 2014-10-18 18:10:

And this goes to planet debian, because... (?) It's ok, it's ok, no problem. But... what if people starts posting heterosexual (pure sexual) thoughts on planet Debian?

Paul Wise wrote at 2014-10-18 19:05:

To whoever wrote the previous comment, Rhonda's blog post is explicitly on-topic on Planet Debian, please read the guidelines set by the Planet Debian maintainers:


Personally I found the post interesting and your comment offensive.

Rhonda wrote at 2014-10-19 07:36:

This goes to Planet Debian because Planet Debian is about the blogs of people working on Debian. And I love to read John Goerzen's blog about his kids on Planet, too.

I though have a hard time to follow why you brought up that "what if" in the first place, with respect to pure sexual content. I just don't get the comparison. It doesn't make sense.

Jewelfox wrote at 2014-10-21 08:00:

Banning explicitly sexual content is equivalent to banning talk about bathroom activity. We know people do it, but there are times and places to discuss it, and if you do it elsewhere it tends to take over the conversation.

Banning talk about transgender and intersex people and the issues they deal with is equivalent to barring the people themselves from participating. Their life experiences are necessarily different from cisgender people's, and forcing them to erase any mention of how they are different (or what kind of films move them and speak to them) enforces what's called "cisnormativity," which is closing your eyes and pretending nobody is different.

It makes a community very non-welcoming to anyone who is.

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