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Projects Alfie is involved

 On this page you find links to the projects Alfie is working on or helping out. Please notice that this is no way complete and maybe never will.

 First of all there is the SIGnature Daemon Alfie mainly did for himself - but already got some feedback for it. So it seems that publishing it was a good idea.

 Secondly there is the Perl Cron Poster. No feedback at all, and not really configureable yet, so maybe I just keep it to myself and drop it from the pages. At least from here, there always should be a reference from the newspostings to it. But I'll stop promoting it. Maybe I'll switch to the post-faq program for I don't think duplicated work that is lazy maintained is useful. Take a look at it.

 I also did some vim syntax files, which are available and described here. You can also find links to my config files there.

 I have done a special slrn page which is dedicated to the X-Signature-Color: header and it's history. You can find there a quite helpful german language quick reference to this great newsreader.

* sigd - the signature daemon
* pcp - a perl cron poster
* vim - vim syntax files
* slrn - my slrn pages
* irssi - irssi scripts

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