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Useful Software

 This page is about all the software I like, use and/or work on, and I really would like you to give it a try. I seperated it from my personal page for it has no special connection to my person (on the other hand, some people say that they can judge persons by the tools they are using... *hmmm*).
 Anyway, here it goes :-)

 A short list of great programs I like, use and which I think should be more widely used:

  • vim: Vi Improved - the ultimate texteditor. It is a greatly enhanced version of the standard vi, available for almost any platform, and has a great load of features including but not limited to syntax highlighting, autocommands, visual mode (even block mode!), multiple windows, multi level undos, GUI, repeat command series, online help, etc etc ... (personal page)
  • mutt: IMO the greatest MUA available. It has color support, lets you use the editor of your choise, completely change the keybindings to your like, hooks for sort of autocommands, multiple mailbox handling, threading, POP3, IMAP4 and even full PGP support, etc etc ...
  • slrn: Again IMO the best newsreader out there. It also has color support, threading, and lets you choose your editor (you can even choose different editors or commands for replies, followups!) but also offers scoring (defining prefered messages or weed special posts) and most important: You can set up your own functions and bind them to the so-called any-key ... (personal page)
  • w3m: Another webbrowser for the console. It is better than lynx for it is able to render tables in a proper way. It even renders frames - it simply converts them into a table :) It also uses colors but lets you even bind the keys to where ever you like, and lets you set up some menus. Always worth a try...
  • irssi: One of the best irc clients around. Supports multiple server connects, different ircname/nickname settings depending on the server you connect to, colors, easily extensible through perl scripts and a huge amount of easy accessible settings. (personal page)
  • wml: The Website MetaLanguage. It's a collection of great tools which helps you producing nice websites. It's really mainly useable for greater projects (e.g. you can seperate the design completely from the contents) but then you'll be happy to use it. I used it for all the rhonda.deb.at pages, and some more. If you like you can have a look at my wml sources - but don't expect too much for I'm currently not using all it's great features. You can mail me if you have any questions or sugguestions for that files.
  • gimp: The GNU Image Manipulation Program. It's a great and famous graphic program that is also easily extensible for new functions for automated graphic generation. Most of the images you see on this page are created with it.
  • WindowMaker: A real famous window manager. It's quite similar to afterstep, but lets you change the configuration via a nice graphical interface (easy and simple!) and even let you configure it to be _completely_ usable using the keyboard. Give it a try :)
  • gnome: The GNU Network Object Model Environment. It's a desktop environment which offers you different great things: session management, icons on the desktop, a file manager (with file<->application connection), drag & drop, ...
  • chos: Choose OS - an alternative bootloader. Although most linux-users love/hate their LILO, I've choosen chos for it has a nice interface at boot: images in the background (ANSI or even VGA!), a displayed timer, hotkey-image selection, emergency fallback, ... You should really give it a try!
    Sorry, this bootloader is not developed anymore upstream. It's sad but sometimes things like this happen. It was fun using chos, I really loved it but now I had to change to grub, finally. Never would touch lilo anyway ,-)
  • francine: This is a spin-off of the fancylogin project. It's aim is to provide a powerful and easy to configure login program with theme support that will be extensible through slang macros.

 Well, that's all, folks. For the moment, that is. If you think theres something more to mention just let me know.

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