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Useful win32 Programs

 This page offers some links to useful win32 programs that you might need if you have no other chance to use a different platform. It is done because I once had a similar page at my last working place at Siemens, mainly for personal purpose. But I think it might also be useful for others - especially because I don't need it anymore myself :-)

  • K-Meleon: The win32 answer to galeon. K-Melon is a gecko (the Mozilla rendering engine) based lightweight webbrowser. Quite promising though still in a quite early developement state.
  • GIMP: The marvelous graphic program. On that page you can download the .zip file for installing it. (homepage)
  • Vi Improved: This is a texteditor that has lots of features hardly found in any other editor that is available for win32. It has a high learning curve but once you managed to handle the basic functions you won't use any other editor anymore.
  • slrn: This is the download page for the win32 version of slrn, a great textbased newsreader. It is greatly customizeable, colorful and threaded. And it let's you choose your favorite textedior and doesn't provide it's own. (homepage)
  • w3m: This is a pager/text-based webbrowser that can render tables, use color and let's you define your own keybindings. Furthermore it's quite small and quick. (homepage)
  • PuTTY: The only one real useful ssh/telnet client for win32. Open Source of course (GPL). Don't use anything else if you need to connect to a *nix system (what else ;). You will be able to use all the special keys, see the connection protocol and have full xterm/rxvt color support. What else do you need? scp of course - it's also available from there. sftp is currently in development, AFAIK.
  • irssi: A textbased irc client that really beats them all. It is has great default settings and is featureful. Specially it is easily extensible through perl scripts. That make it somewhat universal :) (homepage)

 That's all, folks! ...at least for the moment.

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