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Mon, 05 Jul 2004

Alternative email address

I was a bit in a hurry before and forgot to mention alternative addresses where you can reach me. You can reach me both through my address at work (@sil.at) and through my alternative email address on my own domain (@gwendoline.at) — those go to different mailboxes and thus don't have the problem my Debian and ist.org address (and the various forwards to there, like all the @alfie.ist.org addresses) are encountering currently. I will add the gwendoline address eventually to my gnupg key as a hint for future problems.

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554 Relay access denied

Sorry, pals. Yes, I know, my mails are blocked currently. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it currently. Usually I have sudo access on the host and am able to fix the problems on my own, but this time its differently: The server moved to a different hardware architecture and thus some things were harder to setup for the main admin of the host. Unfortunately I have found out about the mail server breakage after me phoning him — and now it's too late to phone him tonight. I will try to get back with him as soon as possible tomorrow and hope that I'm not unsubscribed automagically from too many lists in the meantime.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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