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Fri, 19 Nov 2004

Big Brother is watching you!

It's time again. The opposite of well is meant well. A thing that looks like a good idea at a first glance will stab us in the back. Definitely.

RFC2916 describes the permutation of E.164 numbers in DNS. This permutation is needed for IP telephone calls, to be independent of the protocol and to be able to find the people by their number.

So far, so bad: Exactly this protocol independence it is that holds the problem: Already in the specification there are examples which should get you thinking:

    IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "sip+E2U"    "!^.*$!sip:sven@sips.se!"        .
    IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "mailto+E2U" "!^.*$!mailto:sven@ispa.se!"     .
    IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "http+E2U"   "!^.*$!http://svensson.ispa.se!" .
    IN NAPTR 10 10 "u" "tel+E2U"    "!^.*$!tel:+46-8-9761234!"       .

That's nice. One does have a telephone number and gets the email address and the URL. Currently these entries aren't delegated but you can be assured: The telephone companies whose numbers these are are going to maintain the entries. Thus you will find the name and also the postal address in here, if not even more. This might sound rather pesimistic but after my cellular number appeared in a public telephone book without being asked at all I don't consider this utopistic.

Privacy protectors of the world, unite! This must not happen. As long as the phone companies are going to inform their customers it is a non-issue if the data really don't appear there. But it was never that easy before to automatically retrieve data of an unnumbered amount of people....

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Mon, 15 Nov 2004

Productivity, where are thou?

Sometimes one asks themself why nothing is getting finished. One gets the impression that they are only fooling around on IRC, playing games (e.g. kobodeluxe (level 33, btw.) and kq (finished the story so far)) and whatsnot...

On a closer inspection though there are things getting done: etpan-ng hit unstable, libetpan got a new upstream version released by myself, some more bugs detected and reported by myself (including one in kq which I just "played" like mentioned above). And when looking at the German wesnoth.po I'm currently proofreading for wesnoth which is 278k huge I guess being 18% through it isn't too bad neither. Oh, and finally got around and pushed up the current Debian Weekly News to the Linux-Community website again.

Sometimes things just look bad but in fact aren't too bad. Just need to get the server back up again on which my blog is hosted so you can read about this. I'm on my way, honey.

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Mon, 08 Nov 2004

Which OS are you?

You are Windows 95.  You look better than your older brother, but your communication skills are still lacking.  You start well, but often zone out.
Which OS are You?

Somehow I can't seem to escape my lethargy currently at all. The films I've watched in the last weeks are still not online... At the moment I don't get anything finished — and this very blog entry is lying around since ages, as makeshift... *sigh* Sorry!

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Sat, 06 Nov 2004

"Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses"

We have been to a birthday party of a friend which he let happen for the sake of easyness on a party in Wiener Neudorf. It was called GOP, but don't ask me what that means. Anyway, it was simply great, superb music, nice people and not too exprensive drinks... Somewhen they played a song that I unfortunately haven't listened to for a long time but while listening to it I had to think of the old and new president of america: Killing in The Name from Rage against The Machine. The line in the title of this entry does fit perfect for him, doesn't it?

With this entry I anounce this new section in my blog. Whoever is only interested in my entries of musical relationship is able to do so by subscribing to it. If you have subscribed to my whole blog you won't need to do so additionally, though.

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