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Tue, 20 Dec 2005

Harry Potter IV

I'm still alive, thanks for asking. Though it doesn't feel too much like it. The stress at work is rather improving than lowering. But I sort of managed to reach an important step last thursday finally with the bind-to-pdns transition we are doing, so I thought I could present me with some gifts. Interestingly I just were at the bank in the morning to withdraw my christmas money...

So I thought I could go to the cinema again. The people with which I was in the cinema before didn't ask me lately to join them anymore, so I have to kick my ass myself anyway. So I drove to the cinema complex, and being not too late was able to go a bit shopping, too. I presented me with three (or four, because one was a double) CDs: Mike Oldfield "Ommadawn", Garbage "Bleed Like Me" and Kylie Minogue "UltimateKylie". Besides I usually prefer albums to Best Of Albums I thought the Kylie double CD was a good deal nevertheless.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" was the movie I watched, finally. Of course people who read the book will miss the Veela, the Leprechaun, Dobbie!! and various other things. But appart from the usual cutting you get with longer books the movie itself wasn't too bad. I really enjoyed it, especially because I met two friends right before going in and got the promise to go with them to Narnia today. Yeah!

Friday was very special, too. I was invited to some christmas party, at viennAventura. I really enjoyed the evening, I fully support their concept. Take a look at the nice christmas flash Diana did for the website as long as you have the chance to!
After some glogg, helping to write a christmas picture story including the photo shooting and decorating their christmas tree with handdrawn glitter balls I went happily home. I took my dog out for a walk, and when we were around the corner I heard my cat cry for me! After a week being outside and almost already thinking of never seeing him again I heard him crying for me like hell! It was sooo great to hear him, I went over to him, picked him up and took him home with me again. Of course I wasn't able to do any work that weekend but only cuddle with him all the time. Fortunately for him he was in a very cuddly mood himself, too. ;) Guess he missed me too.

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Fri, 18 Nov 2005

that's what friends are for

After quite a while a new Haiku. This time it's somewhat longer, and (like mostly) due to recent happenings. I hope you like it as much as the person for whom I wrote it.

friends are there for you
they help you through thick and thin
that's what friends are for

to depend on them
is just really natural
don't try to be strong

show them how you feel
if they are true friends for you
they are there for you

helping through bad times
is what friendship is about
so don't try to hide

friends are there in good
but you find out when in bad
who is your real friend

people hanging out
when you are in your good times
are nice, but real friends?

so bad times are good
if you want to find it out
who is real, who's not

that's what friends are for
they help you through thin and thick
friends are there for you

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Mon, 14 Nov 2005

Merry X-Mas

I know, I know. A bit early, you might say. But let's face it: The shopping industry is already fully into christmas. You already get advent calendars, christmas cookies and thing in the various stores. And I got my first christmas presents the last week....

First of all I finally tried again to switch to Linux 2.6. Going through the great amount of options in my make oldconfig from 2.4 I finally tried to boot with it. The most deep changes I did was:

  • Switching from APM to ACPI: This was one of the things I was worried about. But there was nothing to worry, I now can even see the temperature of the processor!
  • Software Suspend: I now can shutdown my system to disk! That rocks, and seems to be more stable than the former APM sleep mode, which occasionally had problems with waking up again...
  • The powerbutton now performs a shutdown. Unfortunately it is the only button that seems to get recognized, the key bindings with the function key don't do much. But I am confident that this can be settled out, they are sending keycodes. Calling acpitool manually isn't that much of an annoyance yet.
  • Switching from OSS to ALSA: Another thing I was worried about. But I found out about the OSS emulation, so that reduced my worries. In the end I'm now even running without it, programs like mp3blaster I'm running with the wrapper from alsa-oss. Switched the few packages that were OSS specific on my system (like the SDL sound package) afterwards and am happy with it.
  • Framebuffer module neofb works now built in! Finally I also can play around with some nice boot logo, and in connection with software suspend this isn't even wasted time. :)

This was my own christmas present. But I got some more, from a dear friend whom I'm working with and helping from time to time. More in a funny way I sent him a christmas wishlist, but he took it serious, and so there I am. Like, with a Gameboy Advance SP Kingdom Hearts Edition, including the game. I really loved the first part on my Playstation 2, am desperately waiting for the second part which shall be released in europe in spring next year... *sighs*

The second major part was a Typhoon My Mini DJ music player. Most important thing for me with it is that it plays oggvorbis files natively. Finally I'm not the only one without a portable music player!

Last but not least I'm going to attend LWE in Frankfurt/Main, and finishing my LPI Level 1 certification there. I'm not too worried about the test, though it for sure will be a good feeling to finally have something written and not only you lot telling me that I have some knowledge about it.

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Tue, 25 Oct 2005

grml 0.5 released, some history

Yesterday night grml 0.5 - Codename Tokolytika was released. I can just repeat my last remarks: grml is a charm when it comes to restoring systems, or in other tricky situations where you need your sysadmin tools handy. Saved my day quite often so far, and I'm sure it won't stop. Get it now! I simply don't know any better live CD.

For those who wonder what I was doing in the last time: I had been to the last Friday Night Skating of this year. The last hundred meters of the almost 2 hour lasting course I got pushed because my legs had finished early... Thank you very much, Conny!
All in all it was a great event and I'm sure to visit it more regularly next year. :)

Workload both at work and private didn't really stop for quite some weeks, it was a horror. I wasn't even able to reasonably follow any mailing lists, left aside to do any real work. Though if you noticed my 1.2.2-16 upload of beep you might know that I also have invested quite much there.

Furthermore I managed to get some people of our Debienna group interested in the g++ 4.0 transition. Greek0 wrote some scripts to bring the data of mfurr's page into one (for us) better suited to use and work from. In our wiki we write down our progress to keep us updated on who's working on getting what in.
I don't have real numbers, but from tracking mfurr's list of packages needing a recompile it went down quite a bit since we started, and we don't plan to stop soonish.

And finally: I've written an article about jigdo-lite for my company's magazine. It's the 5th issue of the magazine, and my third article for it (first has been about gnupg and second about MUDs). I like writing, and from some of the feedback I received people like reading me, too. :)

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Mon, 26 Sep 2005

Rename security.d.o to lamp.d.o

Given the recent security advisories I request the following: Please rename security.d.o to lamp.d.o because it hosts all the packages anyway....
To install a server nowadays you need to wait for security.d.o or have a local cache.

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Wed, 14 Sep 2005

Prove your Guilty

From http://www.att.net/general-info/rblinquiry.html:

You must ... provide an explanation for the abuse that caused the block, ... but we cannot provide examples of the spam you sent.

Yes, of course I know why AT&T blocks us (for those not getting it, that is meant sarcastic). They can't, but well, every ISP out there should know why they got blocked by them themselfes... Nice world, isn't it.

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Wed, 07 Sep 2005

Strandbar Hermann, Shiraz

Sun, Beach, Sangria — vacations in the city. Have been to the Strandbar Herrmann this evening. A beach directly in vienna next to the danube, what else do you need to relax. It really was a nice thing, I'll have to thank the people taking me there enourmously, besides that it was a joy to get to know them, too.
Everyone able to visit it: do it! Don't think about it, just do it! You'll enjoy it. The sandy beach feels soooo good below the feet....

Afterwards I wanted to get home to sleep, just drove the people I've been around with to their next stop. But somehow there was a parking space right there so I joined them. And we found the Shiraz: an ethno-oriental relaxing place with really cosy seating places and a nice ambience. I am no smoker, but the waterpipe was simply the best ending for a perfect evening. We had an apple flavoured tobacco, though I am not sure if it was much tobacco or mostly flavour. I'll definitely visit it again, and everyone coming to vienna: make sure that you go there, you'll find it as nice and relaxing as me. Granted.

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Wed, 17 Aug 2005


Alright. Have been working on this poem for quite a while, got me sort of an editor for some suggestions and proof reading. I guess it might light the last bits about why I'm using Rhonda as nick these days....

Life ain't easy, that's nothing new
though for some it's more true than for others
This is about me, just to get it through
to all the people, sisters and brothers

People put you in boxes, no matter
how much you like it or what you try to avoid
So it might take you a while until you open up
and when you finally do, they might get paranoid

You see, being transgender isn't easy, you don't fit
on neither side of the sex related weirdness
You aren't allowed in a picture that is "the girls only"
and you get pushed away for not hiding your cuteness

People judge by what they see, not by what they feel
it's so weird and stupid it makes my inside scream
And when people get to know you just virtually
and once you open to them you awake like from a bad dream

What's the difference, when people know you only online
if you are a girl on the inside, and recognized as one?
You would say none, though for some people it is
and all the friendship that was forming suddenly is gone

You know you might never have known each other offline
and you felt safe for it being only virtually anyway
But now everything is completely different
You are reduced to your sex and discriminated that way

It might sound strange, I must admit
speaking of sexual discrimination as a male
But when you don't identify yourself that way
your face might turn up being strangely pale

People put others in boxes because it's easy
so they don't have to think or care
They only find out when it's done to themselves
how much it hurts to be the one in there

My plea is simple: People are individuals
So treat them individually as they are
And don't apply the things that worked for others
just like you are driving a similar car

Footnote: If you wonder about the title of the poem then read this short story.

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addON 20 Hoehenmeter

A good friend of mine informed me in time for the end of the happening about it so I was able to enjoy the last two days there. Everone who had the chance but didn't use it: it's your loss. To get a lasting impression of it I took my camera with me on the second day and shot some pictures of the installation: They are meant to speak for themselves. From the flag though I was not able to get a good shot, it was a skull'n'crossbones' flag with the word addOFF next to it which marked the end of the 6 week lasting lifecycle.

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The Fantastic 4, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I'm not talking about the german HipHop combo Die Fantastischen Vier but about the movie. Yes, after a long while I had been to cinema again, and I missed it. Another Marvel movie, and I have to admit that it reminded me of reading the comics when I was so much younger... Especially Ben's character got through really well.

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" had been the second movie. I've heard that there were bad critics about it, but I don't know why. Maybe it's because I never have that big expectations to movies, but I can't find bad things to say. It was truly entertaining, and it's hard to not fall for Brad Pitt, or was it Angelina Jolie? Both, I say. :)

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Thu, 14 Jul 2005


Note to self: When going on something like a daytrip and you are putting sunblocker on and you are running around in sandals, don't forget to cream your lower legs which are shown below the trousers, too!!! *ouch*

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Tue, 12 Jul 2005

Be agressive

Interesting that when I went down right now there was playing exactly the song I was thinking about when skating my rounds yesterday: "Be Agressive" by Faith no More. Coincidence? I don't think so....

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Feeling alone amongst the masses

There's one thing I found out: When you feel like crying go to the sauna — noone will notice it. Driving around on your skates for quite a while drinking beer doesn't help, but crying in the sauna afterwards helps a bit. Too bad that it appears to not to help enough to not come up again when out of the sauna, so everyone sees you breaking down... Oh well.

Appart from that, it's not like I'm not used to it. Especially I'm used to people telling me that they want to listen to me and when one is almost ready to find the words to say and poor your heart infront of them they leave you right there. A slap in the face wouldn't have worked better, it just would had been more honest... Wasn't my evening at all. I was at least strong enough to not starting to get totally drunk, I was too terrified of what I might have done then....

Soonish they are going to take a group picture. I'm not too sure if I want to be part of it. I don't feel like I'm part of it. Andreas Schuldei's talk on Small Groups seem to be what debconf is about: Flocking together in small groups, the same people that flock together at home already, and well... there's no group here that I'm flocking together with at home. Too bad.

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Mon, 11 Jul 2005

First impressions of debconf5

You don't have to follow all the links in the text, take a look at the overview gallery of the different days so far: 2005-07-08, 2005-07-09, 2005-07-10, 2005-07-11.

After a while my luggage arrived in HEL. The days so far had been quite hot, enjoying hanging around with people I've only been in contact via email, irc, or even not at all yet.

Some of them were overexcited to meet again. Some others had problems getting something to eat. (But only for half an hour or such, and only the non-vegetarian ones. Had been nice watching them waiting for their food. ;))

On a sidenode, this could be called the debconf of invalidity. Holger managed to have serious problems with one of his legs right from the start requiring crutches. Jordi was hit by elmo while playing frisbee yesterday and also has problems to move on. And though Amaya is doing pretty well with trying to learn skating she got an incident last night where she managed to get a rather nasty bruise. Others are just disliked by the birds, though (that's madduck's notebook.) I'm really wondering to whom next something is going to happen.

Ah, one last thing: For those being in HEL currently, if you like to buy one of these shirts feel free to bug me, I have several with me, both the girlie shirt and the polo shirt:

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Fri, 01 Jul 2005

Mako killed my legs

Had been to the LinuxTag this year again. Some crazy people paid for my train ticket so I show up there... Well, the train had its usual delay, but finally I got there. Met some old faces I've met on events before and some new ones I really was looking forward to. Even managed to visit three talks on the first day, a new event record for me. The most interesting one has been the one from Meike Reichle about Debian-Women. Got me wondered if I really should try to participate there with hearing about the male/female ratio on the list and on IRC and that some females rather shy away than try to participate when seeing so much males in there. On the other hand I'm not really pleased with the QoT (nice acronym, got it from their own list), so am somehow sitting in between the seats here....

Next day morning I noticed that my left sandal was b0rked and I was running around the whole day without ones. It would't had been much of a problem if it weren't so damned hot. Switching from the one hall to the other running across the place outside it felt like I got burned on my feets' soles. Did the first part of LPIC-1 test there, wasn't a big deal, put some comments on the additional sheet and hope they'll be able to read it and improve it in that respect. Got me new shoes as a present for passing it. ;)

In the evening there had been the social event which was quite nice — and long. Talking to all the people takes some time, and it was funny to see that people went crazy because they weren't able to hand out beer for about half an hour or such. As if people would die if they drink something else in the meantime... And I guess you've all seen the funny pictures already that were shot there, you can find a linklist to galleries collected by Joey like every year on his infodrom pages.

On saturday there had been another talk I visited ("Free Software with a female touch" by Fernanda). And the keysigning party, with over 100 participants... Lasted long, but finally done. Just have to sign all the keys now... *sighs*
After that there was little time left to speak with all the people, gathering my stuff and disassembling the booth. We went eating pizza and then back to the AKK. I really wanted to leave that evening already, but Mako forced me to stay with stating that he wouldn't send me any abusive SMS if I'd leave. Isn't that mean?! Oh well...
There had been this university party going on that night where we went to. It was really great! Lots of people, two halls for dancing and one where they had bands playing. Mako, Dogi, Azeem and me danced the night away.... And even at four in the morning, when my legs were already complaining it wasn't able to get Mako to stop. Dude, that guy has energy!! And one of the best dancing styles I've seen. If I thought he's adorable before by reading his blog and taking a look at his pictures his dancing makes me even more adore him... That guy truly rocks! .. and killed my legs. *grrrr*

Tolimar, you aren't the only one who has to fear getting to HEL wrecked. Although it got a bit better so far I made the mistake to meet Mako and Dogi again yesterday. Just met for some hanging out (*sigh* ;)) but when I had to hurry for my subway my legs started to hurt again because I had to run.... Damn you, Mako!

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Tue, 07 Jun 2005

The Girl and the Boy

I know this is not a Haiku, but when I started this section I didn't know that I'd write something else and I don't know where else to put it. So for the time being it will be here.

It started out with the first paragraph while heading for the train. There I opened my laptop and started writing it down, not knowing what would it turn into. I just knew what the next paragraph would look like, I knew she needed a counter part. From there I got this rough line in my head and it simply evolved. Some part even shifted around a bit while writing...

I hope you like it. I know at least that I do. If you like it or leave me some message on it please view the piece on deviantART and do it there.

The Girl and the Boy - Complete Piece

there has been a girl
who had it up to here
she was annoyed with anything
and was drinking too much beer

then there was a boy
whose life was neither easy
and every day he got up well
he ended being dizzy

life had been a bully
to both of them so far
the only thing it spared for them
was an enourmous, visible scar

they never saw each other
and maybe never will
though there is something special
and that is both their skill

the love for art connects them
helps them through their lifes
though the distance cuts them
deepest like some knifes

yet so far they seem so close
making it through their days
and living to give each other strength
in most peculiar ways

I wonder what may happen next
when they maybe meet
I guess at least, for a start
there would be a treat

the life goes on for you and me
here the story ends
just like in all the cinemas
now the story blends

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Thu, 02 Jun 2005

I'm still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. Some people know what was going on in the last weeks with me because they were involved, but some people just read my blog and might wonder what's up. Though, often I get the impression that I'm ignored anyway.

First of all I was working on getting some late packages into the upcoming sarge release. I'm confident that it will release soonish, I even promised someone that it will release within the next two months and I'm quite sure that this promise will hold.

Last week has been the Linuxwochen Wien and because I was responsible for the organization of the community booths there I was quite stressed with preperations and stuff so it works well for everyone. I guess I didn't do a too bad job though I know I could have done much better. Also I couldn't avoid to feel responsible for the Debian booth there which just raised my stress a bit. But it was fun anyway, especially the hacknight with the included Open Source Lan Party. We played the game Hack the Net in speed 100. It was really nice, I took a late and slow start but managed to win in the end, with a respectable margin.

We also had some new shirts this year, the design really was great, and formed a new term: debiennadebi(an vi)enna. Some shots of the shirts were taken, too. We have quite some left, I'll take some to HEL with me, it would be nice to tell me if you want one, so I don't take too few with me. Keep in mind that they are limited edition anyway so some reservation might not be a too bad idea (yes, helix, yours is already reserved. :))

I was informed that a really kind person bought me a deviantART subscription for my account there. It is really a charm, the additional features are simply great, I really love it. *kisses* to you!

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Thu, 12 May 2005

t-prot rocks!

t-prot rocks like hell. It saves one from reading so much crap and calms your mood. For intance when receiving mails like the following:

Subject: RE: Debian Weekly News - 10. Mai 2005

Sorry I don't speak german, but my wife does.

-----Original Message-----
[---=| TOFU protection by t-prot: 206 lines snipped |=---]
[---=| Overlong signature removed by t-prot: 7 lines snipped |=---]

On a different note: I received my tickets to HEL!!! Yeah!!!

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Thu, 28 Apr 2005


Some of my Haikus will appear only here because I don't think they are good enough for my deviantART account, others though are appearing only over there because they are too personal for over here. So if someone is really interested they'd have to track both sites...

The following was written on the way to a meeting, I wasn't feeling too well neither... But the foreboding were more or less correct... This is though one of those which I don't upload to dA.

Meetings waste much time.
Though people tell it's worth it
I cannot agree.

Discussing is tough
with people that disagree
and see it as art

I am on my way
to just another meeting
why oh why no end....

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Tue, 26 Apr 2005

grieg is online

Like you most propably have read already we have a new arm machine online that is expected to go into real operation soon. We have to thank again Harald Kapper for hosting the machine (you might remember him as the person hosting a mipsel machine that Andreas Barth is using as buildd for experimental and non-free. Many kudos, Harald!!

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Wed, 20 Apr 2005

Chain Letters

I stumbled upon murtletheturtle on deviantART and her latest Journal Entry rant about chain mails. This inspired this quick Haiku:

Chain Letters or Mails
From a Dead Society
Me wonders: No Cure?

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Tue, 19 Apr 2005

Der Abend

Some might have noticed that I recently noticed the joy of writing haikus. I discussed about it with a friend and we decided to start a haiku section in our blogs.

Though I blog always both in English and in German I don't want to limit my haikus to such that align in both languages, so I hope you don't mind too much when they are only available in one language. I promise that I'll write some in English as in German (just like I've done already.)

Alright, here it goes. Title for this one can be seen above, meaning "The Evening":

der abend, still, ruhig
eine andächtige zeit
außer man geht fort

dann geht es echt rund
und man lässt sich total geh'n
bis es dir leid tut

doch kein zurück mehr
zu spät und du hast versagt
nie mehr wiederseh'n

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Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Debian is Doomed

Today a package hit sarge that is upstream maintained by Microsoft: pptview (Copyright file).
<comment />

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Fri, 15 Apr 2005

SPAM in Figlet

Today I received this SPAM mail:

Subject: what's the time Mr Wolf?                                               

     ______  _____         _______ _     _
    |_____/ |     | |      |______  \___/
    |    \_ |_____| |_____ |______ _/   \_




Now this is a really interesting way to avoid the word match filters for rolex. Never saw before the use of figlet in a SPAM message... I feel inclined to click the link just to honor the creativity of it...

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Sun, 10 Apr 2005

Love Sucks

Some friend mentioned that she was listening for days now to just one song. Firstly I found the idea strange, and no wonder it didn't work out for me with that very song. Though, after some special incident yesterday I found the song with which it works for me: "Love Sucks" from Die fantastischen Vier. I'm listening now to it in a loop since yesterday (with a little break of radio and roleplaying and sleeping). I guess there might be for most people such a song. Would be interested which songs is able to do it for you.

Yesterday I also wrote this Haiku. The only drawback about is that it doesn't involve any nature/season reference, but then, love is sort of part of the nature, not?

Love sucks. yes, really
There is no love or respect
In this world no more

I'm fine, thanks. But I needed to get this off me. Back to being happy, won't we. :)

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Wed, 23 Mar 2005

Correction to rsync Entry

I have written about that rsync rocks. This obviously is still true, but I need to make a correction to it about something that might have been misunderstood: I did try it, but the idea for trying it came originally from Matthias Kopfermann. He came up with suggesting xdelta or rsync, and personally I would never have thought of testing it if it wouldn't have been for him. It was simply a result that I'd have never expected.

I want to excuse to those who have read my previous entry which was really scathing, and especially to Matthi. It was written in a bad mood and after a heated discussion about something else, so I reacted in a really bad way. I hope this will stay the only time I have to change my blog because I usually don't like these things at all, appart from typo fixes, of course.

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Tue, 22 Mar 2005

Blosxom Test Package

I have prepared the announced test package for blosxom. Please send in any comments on it as soon as possible, I want to push it into the pool soon (as fast as I am able to get the debconf translation updates). This should address the most serious problems and avoid the same breakage again in the future.

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Fri, 18 Mar 2005

rsync rocks my home!

With the release of grml 0.3 I wondered if it does gain much while trying to suck the image via rsync. So I did the following:

$> mv grml_0.2.iso grml_0.3.iso
$> rsync rsync://grml.gwendoline.at/grml/grml_0.3.iso grml_0.3.iso

Because grml is based on unstable really much has changed, so I wonder what the outcome might be. And it really astonished me:

sent 189798 bytes  received 377290139 bytes  444879.12 bytes/sec
total size is 727541760  speedup is 1.93

That means in fact, that only (189798+377290139)/727541760*100 == 51% of the total iso image file size got transfered. Woohhh!! People, pretty please start using rsync for such jobs more often!

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Thu, 17 Mar 2005

breaking blosxom

blosxom is badly broken. A careful fix for this seems to be hell of a work and rather impossible. So djpig sugguested to really break it for being able to fix it. This is a path that I never thought of have to travel as a maintainer but he seems to be right: it's the only sane way to fix this pre-release. I will announce the really broken (upgrade-wise) packages in my blog for people eager to test prior my upload. Especially I'll inform the translators of the debconf files in advance so have the update in the upload, too.

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Wed, 16 Mar 2005

Cinema Update

Yes, we have been to cinema this year already. And there are loads of films missing from last year. I will write quick entries about the films of this year in counter-chronology order so you can skip reading the links about the olders. I'll skip the remaining from last year, noone really will be interested anyway.

First film yesterday has been "Hitch". I guess it is a really funny film, I usually like Will Smith quite much — only I was in terrible mood since the later afternoon, and still am partly. I couldn't find the real distraction in it and enjoy it... I've terribly offended someone I considered a friend. I really hope that I get the chance to resolve it. I'm sooo sorry.... :-((

Second film has been "Meet the Fockers". I don't know if it was able to distract me more or if it was just better, but at least I was able to follow better. I really liked the way Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman were acting as the Focker parents. Definitely a nice movie, and I hope I'll be watching them both again when I'm in a better mood.

Last week's films: "Finding Neverland" — Johnny Depp playing the Peter Pan author. Kate Winslet is great, too. And "Cellular" — Kim Basinger kidnapped and making her final call through a wrecked telephone. Really good thriller!

Before: "Ocean's Twelve" — great sequel, and even staring Bruce Willis! Yeah!

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Wed, 09 Mar 2005


Monday was a really bad day. First it started off with some call from the office from a sales collegue who didn't listen to reason but was just complaining about our sysadmin team. At work I noticed that he even sent the corresponding mail to an address he never used before, making it hard to find... Later I got notified that a dear uncle of mine died and gets buried on friday. And if this wouldn't be enough for a bad day the European Council Presidency adopted the Software Patent Agreement against the council's rules...

At that time, the day did finish itself on me. I tried to get my work done and hope I didn't do too many mistakes. Even finally got around to upload the new sponsored upstream version of libetpan1 into the pool. But it didn't help much for a distraction. Disappointed a dear friend really much by publishing a (to me, at that time) stupid private statement and getting him into trouble. Tried to help him in return though to get some "inner knowledge" about the Überraschungseier for a friend of him from an old online community I'm in. Though I wasn't able to find the conference room there anymore (I guess it got removed, like everything interesting gets removed or discontinued after some time...) but stumbled across a different conference room there: "Hate and Selfhate".

Exactly what I needed in that mood, thank you... There was this link in it to Selbsthass which really made me wonder. Reading the page touched me to the bottom of my heart (especially the Dialog), though I'm not cutting myself and haven't been (sexually) abused. But the page about narcissism shocked me and just enforced my own knowledge that I'm female inside. I don't care what (most) people think about me, they don't know me. If you want to put me into some stereotype, feel free but you are mostly always wrong and won't receive my acknowledge. I don't fit anywhere, I'm an individual, not a mass-production. I can understand why people wonder about Rhonda and what's behind it, and from time to time I might write something like this up letting out some background information about that part of me, which turns out to be more and more important to myself. But pretty please let myself choose the time for it.

I like to thank one very special person, though. That person helped me through the monday evening and managed that I could go to sleep with feeling quite cheerful again. I have no idea how I deserve friends like this, maybe it's not about deserving anyway, but I know that my life wouldn't be what it is without that very special person. You know who you are, thank you a thousands time!!!
Friends are an important part of my life. And I'm really glad that there are some I can depend on, even in the toughest times. I know about at least two other persons that I could depend on to be there for me, and I'm sorry that I didn't contact you two, too. And I'm quite sure you two know that I'm talking about you. Thank you, too, for staying with me and being there for me when I need some help to make it through this hell called life....

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Tue, 08 Mar 2005

E-Day, aewan

Time is passing by, live is passing by. Same shit, only different days. Unless you take a closer look. Doing sponsor uploads regularly, and then out of the short there are things like the e_day. Got invited to help there just really shortly before, and after all I can say I was glad that it was possible to get free for it. It was an event by the local economy camber and mostly company oriented. They had this booth area for the so-called "Open Source Expert Group" where Alexander Biedermann and me helped out. We have been there just until about 13 o'clock, but still quite some interesting questions popped up that we hopefully were able to answer. I even got the chance to promote debian-women there, we talked to two women for quite a while who were quite interested in both what Alexander's company and Debian could offer them. Although only wireless lan was available we tried to make the best of it.

Playing around with aewan lately. Submitted two small patches already, one to add the usual "<o>ther corner" function to the selection mode which almost all tools have in the one or other way, and fiddling around with the HTML export to make it also show the background color and some other quirks in the resulting HTML source. Right now I just came up with another patch that should be incorporated into aecat, hope it will be done as quickly as the others. I really think that this is one of the most helpful tools for ASCII/ANSI artists, especially the layer part rocks.

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Fri, 25 Feb 2005

FreePop Test Packages

From http://rhonda.deb.at/debian/freepop/README:

freepop (0.6.0-0) unstable; urgency=low

  * Would be: Initial Release (closing #296714)
    -- though this is a PREVIEW RELEASE!  _NO_ warranty, not granted upgrade

 -- Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@debian.org>  Thu, 24 Feb 2005 23:03:16 +0100

 That means: I won't guarantee that the next package would not normally require
some Replaces or similar handling, but I won't add it because this is no
upload to the pool. Furthermore I have done only minimal testing so far, and it
really requires an DRI supporting graphics card, otherwise it is deadly slow.
By not having one and not having had the posibility on testing it on my
fastest machine I won't guarantee anything.

 Additionally to the packages herein you will need the clanlib0.7 which is
available from this location: <http://people.debian.org/~fenio/clanlib/>

 Again, you are on your own when using this package. Feedback is welcome, but
don't send me reports about the upstream version (yet), send them to upstream
at <http://freepop.sf.net/> directly. Comments about the packaging might be
helpful, though.

 So long,

So I hope you know where you stand, the packages are available here: http://rhonda.deb.at/debian/freepop/ — have fun!

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Fri, 18 Feb 2005

Fun with gettext

I started working on the german centericq because the former maintainer doesn't seem to be interested anymore, no changes since 2001 and his mailaddress bounces. While doing my business in the file I stumbled upon the following interesting thing that gettext offered me:

#, fuzzy
msgid "Failed"
msgstr "Weiblich"

While it might be funny (even for people who claim to be non-sexistic) to see that gettext thinks female is a synonym for failed, it shows in a quite nice way how the gettext fuzzy algorithm works: it tries to get a best match which is similar. And although female and failed share some letters in the same order (namely, fale) it still works out nice quite often.

You see, working on translations can be fun too, sometimes. So I encourage everyone to pick up some po files from their favorite applications and enhance them, support your fellow native speakers! Give back for what you get.

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Thu, 10 Feb 2005

... "unfortunately has to die"

Well, then I died on freenode, if I am adviced to. But in a network where the admins believe in Sometimes the k-line rushes in without actively noticing it is a proper way to administrate it and the opinion Well, tor isn't a good thing, and who tells me different unfortunately has to die. is represented I don't really want to stay anyway. Tribe liability is no useful method to fight problems. The next time I guess they'll k-line *@user.debian or something similar if there are some playing around, it just rushes in.... I'm just sorry for the wesnoth team that I can't log anymore for them. But you have to break an egg to make an omelet...
See you on the other side where the admins got a clue how to solve problems.

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Sun, 23 Jan 2005

Current Mood: Depressed

Sometimes you feel just down. It might be the times you don't see anything new from people at all. On the other hand a blog is there for keeping the ones reading it about what is going on in your life, isn't it. So there should also be mentions of when you aren't up to your usual form, right?

Right. So here it goes: Currently feeling like Heavyheartedy. And I try to get some High Hopes that it will get better...

 So long,

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