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Fri, 27 Feb 2004

debconf translations, buffy night

Don't you hate that, too? You have a package which is sitting in the pool for quite some time now, already made it to testing, and then you think you can do an update and take the translations that came in in the meantime, and right the next day someone sends in another translation... I wonder if there are translators out there who like to get maintainers annoyed...

Yesterday there was a Buffy Night over here. They played four episodes, entry was free, you just got to consume at least for 5 € (you got to pay for a voucher). The fourth episode was of course "Once more with a feeling" (also known as the musical episode), as highlight of the evening. Haven't seen it before unfortunately, but it was really great. Reminded me why I liked Spike so much and am looking forward to the fifth season of Angel in which Spike is said to appear again. Can hardly wait for it, over here they are just at season 3 of Angel....

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Tue, 24 Feb 2004

wesnoth on backports.org, three films watched yesterday

At the weekend I've uploaded the update of wesnoth that Isaac did. Fumbled once with the .changes file (was unfamilar with sbuild), tried to fix it, fumbled a second time but still made it in time for the dinstall run. I also prepared an update for backports.org so people running woody can use it, too. wesnoth.debian.net does both have these packages available via http now and is running the version of the server on the default port. I hope will hit testing this time so testing have a networked playable version, too. And I plan to stick to the version we have in testing for wesnoth.debian.net because devsrv.wesnoth.org does run the latest devel release anyway.
Tried to get into translation of wesnoth. Harder than I guessed. They don't use gettext (yet), and their own tool for the translation isn't able to check for fuzzy strings, nor does it squeeze multiple matching strings together. I guess I have to do my own script to work around that.

Have been to cinema yesterday again. This time it was three films: First "The School of Rock". Was quite funny and especially intersting to see what kind of music they were using for the film.
Next has been "Paycheck". Terrific. Both the story and the action caught me; no wonder, directed by John Woo. If you haven't yet I would suggest you give it a try.
The third film has been "Torque". About some biker gangs. Somewhat nice scenes though nothing stunning, to be honest....

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Fri, 20 Feb 2004

dsa-long.XX.rdf fixed, debtags update

Wiggy noticed yesterday that the dsa-long.rdf files were broken: an empty entry showed up on planet.debian.net. While looking into this I noticed a bigger problem: HTML tags weren't addressed at all. So I worked on fixing it and finally got it working - you can see links in your dsa-long.lang.rdf files now!
Discovered another problem in the parsing today with \ at the end of lines (line concatenation). Because it isn't parsed through wml it got displayed in the final file. Fixed too.

Some people addressed me after my first release of debtags. Marco suggested me to add support for #175356 style notation (simply # followed by 4 to 6 numbers) - is in now (and btw., I could need help with that bug ;). Someone else asked me why I don't use debpackagetag. The reason is quite simple: It doesn't fulfil my needs (short tags) and its license isn't DFSG free. After all, it doesn't have any license at all... Somewhat unacceptable for something for Debian, don't you agree?

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Mon, 16 Feb 2004

debtags blosxom plugin finished

Like I mentioned in my first blog entry that I thought about a debtags plugin for blosxom - and now it is finished. In fact this entry does use it already. Download debtags to your blosxom plugin directory and you are able to use <debpkg packagename> and <debbug (bugnumber|packagename|maintaineraddress)> (or similar - it expands to a link to http://packages.debian.org/something). I hope you like it. If you have suggestions for additional tags feel free to send me an email.

Somehow it seems having a blog makes you more productive than less. After all you try to have something to write about, at least to me it is a bit motivating.

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Sun, 15 Feb 2004

wesnoth.debian.net, Bingo won

wesnoth.debian.net is up and running. With many thanks to Ben Armstrong we have working woody packages of the latest release I have mirrored his packages on the wesnoth.debian.net page, and the very same host is running the wesnoth-server package already, so you can play there, if you like.

Yes, I've won! Like discussed in my last blog entry I've taken part yesterday at the bingo show here in austria. And I've won over the other four candidates. Wasn't really that hard, the questions are never really hard, you just have to be faster than the others with the bumper to be able to answer. I've won a stay for three days/two nights in a hotel in Salzburg with breakfast. Not that much but I it will be relaxing. And a chance to meet weasel IRL again. I thank everyone who crossed their fingers!

Like I promised my wife we got a new cat because I won. Actually we got two new which sum up to six now, actually. They are still very shy of course, will see how long it takes for them to get warm with us.... No pictures yet but they will be put onto the website of my wife eventually. I guess I will add a hint to my blog then, too.

Recently finished reading "The Wolves in the Wall" by Neil Gaiman. Though it is not very long and looks more like a children book it is really cool. I guess everyone who read "Coraline" or "Neverwhere" will like it, too.

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Sat, 14 Feb 2004

Windows sources, Bingo, Rhonda

I guess everyone has heared about the latest funny news: Part of the Windows sources leaked somewhere and is now in the wild. How funny that part is how severe the problem it holds: I can just hope that no reasonable Free Software developer (especially no Debian Developer) looks into the sources. I can just estimate what the Microsoft laywers might think of when they find routings similar or seemingly inspired by theirs....
People, please don't expose yourself to this danger.

I am a bit nervous. Today I will be candidate in Austrians Bingo show. I registered about one and a half year ago for it and got the call about three weeks ago. I hope I will win, the prize would be a trip to a place not yet known. We will see...

Quite some people wonder who this Rhonda in IRC is. Yes, she is part of me. Initially I choose it because the host on which my Alfie client was running had a network problem and I wanted to avoid a nick collision when I managed to get it back up, but now I feel quite comfortable with it. There is more behind it with choosing a female nick, but that isn't something that I want to exposure right ahead to partly totally strangers. After all, everyone can read this :)

Happy Valentines Day, pals! If I would find the time I would love to diddle some ascii flower that I could include in here (I hope to add some arts every now and then to my blog), but I'm a little in a hurry now, sorry... And no, I won't put the outworn oneline rose in, under no circumstances. That's not original at all :)

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Thu, 12 Feb 2004

My first blog entry

Hi there. This is my first blogtest with blosxom. I guess it is really handy and I think I'll write some plugin for it similar to debpackagetag but for much more things: bugnummers and mailinglist archives jump to my mind as first thing, but I'm open for suggestions.

I'd like to take this as a possibility to say that I am currently at quite high load: dwn-trans needs some further attention like a homepage with best practices and such; I have some things in the queue for the regular website translation, ... And then there is this strange thing called Real Life. It is a really pain that food is expensive.

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