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Wed, 15 Sep 2004

Large Backlog, News on Wesnoth, XBlast-TNT uploaded

Yes, I know, it's ages since I last blogged... But what can I say, so much to do, so little time. Quite some things happened. I've built some packages on that mipsel machine, and glad that I could have been of help. I got accused for maybe creating problems due to not having the scripts that the buildd admins have. But I didn't upload a b0rked gtkhtml for mipsel, which one of the buildd admins with the soo great script managed for mips. I did notice the problem in the buildd log, which was hard to miss. But well....

The wesnoth team asked me what server version of wesnoth-server wesnoth.debian.net will be running. I told them that I'll stick to the sarge version, so we prepared a testing upload for it which changed the official server name from devsrv.wesnoth.org (which is tracking the developer releases) to wesnoth.debian.net (like said tracking sarge). It is currently sitting around in testing-proposed-updates and missing alpha, arm and mips builds. Those architectures have no testing auto builder, so we are in bit of a problem there (and not only us). I've got access to an arm machine, too, and prepared an arm build. Unfortunately it was rejected because the new version in sid wasn't built yet on arm neither. AARGH! I started an arm build for the version in sid, and when it was finished a new upstream version was uploaded.... So it also was rejected because there wasn't the source there anymore for the build. DOUBLEARGH! Am currently builing the next sid version, hopefully will make it this time....

Finally I've uploaded XBlast-TNT! Yeah! *bounces* It is currently sitting in the NEW queue and I hope the next NEW queue processing is soon. Will be uploading the packages to my private webspace for those who can't wait. Have much fun...
Though the version currently in development offers many enhancements: Chat, integrated level editor (we got the xile people from sourceforge into the project team), and quite some stability enhances. Watch it out!

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