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Sat, 28 Aug 2004

Building on mipsel

Finally I've got access to a mipsel machine. Thought the Needs-Build stats for mipsels aren't that bad anymore, I see big problems with the ordering: I've found yaz to be waiting since 72 days for a mipsel build making it invalid for sarge, and several other packages that are also waiting (only) for mipsel builds: dbview (15 days), gauche (43 days), libopengl-perl (45 days), sqlite (20 days), nemesis (34 days), txt2pdbdoc (29 days), and so on.... There is definitely something wrong, when other packages which are uploaded just recently have no problem being picked up by the mipsel buildds (which had problems, but still processed others in the meantime on irregular basis).

Thus I am currently hand building packages for mipsel on a host that I got sponsored by Kapper.net: Much thanks to you, Harald!! He sponsors the machine with connectivity completely to the project, and I hope to get it incorporated into either buildd.debian.org or buildd.net, whichever sounds more reasonable to me and do accept it. I will though keep on building by hand because of the missorting in the scripts for the time being (in order given by oldest.html). This will help sarge much more, IMHO. I am uploading the build logs to my own webserver because I don't want an apache on the build machine to load it even more. If you are interested in them, here they are.

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Thu, 26 Aug 2004

etpan coming, playing kq, Planet Debian broken

I am working on packaging etpan currently. During the recent discussions about mail user agents on Planet Debian and my partly frustrating experiences with mutt I think I have to give etpan a try. It is new but already quite useable from what I've read, and because it's new it is still open to suggestions; not like mutt. It is a horror to have multiple gnupg keys with different passphrases with mutt, and there are other rather annoying things with it (like, that you can't read other mails while currently composing a message; a feature that I need sometimes to look up references). My current efforts on etpan though turn around getting a liblockfile1 patch for libetpan itself, which is ITPed already but still pending an upload. My efforts aren't that well, because I'm now encountering segfaults with etpan itself... But I guess I'l stick to making etpan setgid mail for the time being (of course I won't upload it that way, or package it such, I'm using dpkg-statoverride locally).

Currently playing kq again. It is a nice adventure and I didn't "finish" it the first time I played. We need much more such games, although someone whom I encouraged to take a look complained to me that the graphics suck. I don't think so, especially I simply don't care about the graphics as long as the longtime motivation and the gameplay is alright. I never heard anyone complaining about that tetris graphics sucked....

Yes, Planet Debian is broken. A while ago I had to restructure my blog a little bit to make it work with my AcceptLang plugin. Because of this Planet Debian displayed entries of mine as new. But it wasn't my fault: Planet Debian gives a damn about the <pubDate> noted in the feed anymore. I was told this is a sort of "precaution against broken blogs that update the pubDate on typo fixes". It is really nice that we do work around broken blogs and harm those who do it right, instead of getting the people to fix their broken software. Yeah for breaking stuff for completely sensible software!

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Tue, 17 Aug 2004

Sarge gonna release without XBlast-TNT, ldapvi not on mips

According to the release update today is the last day for low priority uploads which can make it into sarge. That means that XBlast-TNT won't make it. A pity, though I guess it is better that way because we are making quite huge changes currently. There is a chat mode underway, and the XILE (XBlast Integrated Level Editor) is also currently wandering into our CVS. So, stay tuned. I will offer packages through http://rhonda.deb.at/debian/xblast-tnt/ — in fact I have already uploaded a first snapshot of my packages there (although it is based on an older snapshot). I won't provide an clean upgrade path for those though, especially the version scheme has to be settled. I don't want any epoch in it already before I upload it into the pool — I hope you don't mind too much.

On the other hand, I'm wondering why ldapvi hasn't been picked up by mips yet. Granted, it has no old version in sarge, so other packages need the buildd more than this package, but still, it would be nice to have it in sync. After all, its not huge. Well, only time will tell....
And it told! During me writing this, it was built. Many many thanks, Madkiss!!

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Wed, 11 Aug 2004

blosxom upload, AcceptLang improved

Thanks to pasc for accepting myself as co-maintainer of the blosxom package. I started working on the bugreports and closed two already with a new upload yesterday. I am not sure if I will be able to do another upload before the deadline for sarge comes out, but I will find a solution for #230797 (and of course the others, too) — it is just not that easy to restructure the things, because /var/lib/blosxom is already taken partly for the plugin state directory (but not used? Uh...). Debconf question for moving the old content and for changing the configuration file is also needed.

I have updated AcceptLang plugin, too. It now does some real parsing of the Accept-Language header or the lang parameter. And it works nicely with the config plugin, too. Furthermore the promised documentation has been added, just "perldoc AcceptLang" it.

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Ruby and Quentin, Walking Tall

Another tuesday, another cinema evening. This time the first film has been "Ruby & Quentin" which was really funny. I love Jean Reno's acting, and in this film even Gérard Depardieu was great. True fun.

Second film has been "Walking Tall". Although the story wasn't that exhaustive it was a nice action movie. The Rock rocks!

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