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Tue, 28 Dec 2004

Dear Erich,

As much as I'd like to understand your frustration but I can't reproduce it. Joey does in his (nearly) one-man-show hell of a job. I'd wish that everyone would do as much for Debian like him.

But did it appear to you to look things up before you start ranting around? There is no phpbb2 in woody. The package only exists in sarge and sid, and like you said yourself those shouldn't be affected....

Please check the facts if you try to defame people with incomplete and easily refuteable informations that do their work. Rather fix some release critical bugs like the ones in your own packages.

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Fri, 24 Dec 2004

Merry Christmas (to those celebrating)

I wish you all a merry christmas. At least those who do celebrate it, I don't want to offend people that don't. Finally I'm a little bit cheerful again. It is warm again outside, and the latest two presents I've been given were simply terrific!

Firstly there was my work collegue cjm who presented me with a Competition Pro joystick! I really hope I don't have to explain to you that this one's a legend, finally I can get the best out of vice and xmame-sdl!! YEAH!!

Secondly there was my beloved wife who satisfied my music addicition quite well: She got me Days Like This from Krezip. I saw this band at the Forestglade 2003 in Wiesen and was really totally stunned by their performance and songs. Thank you, my darling!!

And thirdly, while I am already writing this (this is the reason why above there is only the speak of two things) another coworker came in and gave me a snom 190 VoIP phone for at home. STRIKE! I won't have to fiddle around with kphone or linphone anymore (which both didn't really work in my first tries and don't have that great documentation.) I hope I'll be able to get this one running, though.

So, again, merry christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and to get you into the right mood see my latest deviation. (You can click on the picture to get a bigger version.)

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