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Fri, 30 Apr 2004

XBlast Developement Picked Up Again, 50 First Dates, PCMCIA Working

BlindMan (beware, hopelessly outdated!) recently bugged me again about the new xblast-tnt version and a Debian package for it. He also found out that some of the people working on the new version are hanging out in #xblast on freenode. So I joined there and found out that they have xblast-tnt extended quite heavily: Shrink hints in the timeline, central server for game coordination and player stats, colleted over 1000 levels and also quite some player models.
So I picked up my registered xblast project on sourceforge again to centralize the efforts and use some CVS and stuff. I've also resolved the two remaining bugs that was sitting in the queue. (I have another one open for historical reasons which might make sense for a woody upload. I am not sure if it will be accepted though so I am unclear about that currently.) During the next weeks I hope to come up with a new xblast-tnt package (or, if I think it is good enough as a replacement upload it directly as xblast -- we will see). I will put some status things into my xblast-tnt pool about the Debian packages. There is nothing yet there though except for the (forward)ported abort flag patch done by snowcrash. But that is worth a look anyway. :)

Watched "50 First Dates" yesterday. Was really nice and funny. If you watched "The Wedding Singer", you can expect quite the same, just with different story. Drew and Adam, Adam again written a special song for the movie and performing it. Though I liked the one from The Wedding Singer much more, 50 First Dates over all is really worth it.

About the PCMCIA problem I blogged lately: I don't know why, but it is resolved again. I hope it doesn't work again. After some hours of leaving the notebook turned off it worked again. It was definitely no overheating though, because the notebook was cool all the time.... Strange things happen these days.

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