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Mon, 17 May 2004

Got the flue, logcheck, xblast update

Finally got the flue again. Was in bed since last week tuesday evening. First thought it was part of the usual backdraft from visiting both of Die Ärzte concerts, but wasn't. Got me quite hard, it seldom lasted that long... Was even too ill to celebrate our wedding day on thursday, unfortunately. That will have to be picked up later, though. Still drinking peppermint tea, for once because I simply like the taste and also because I don't want to get ill too soon again!

Discussed various things regarding logcheck with maks. Helped him to squash quite some bugs. Set up cvs-mailcommit for the alioth CVS. And maks also got me to work on my Bugs.pl script again. He came up with some really good suggestions, nothing hardcoded anymore and flexible enough to use for various tasks.

xblast heavily updated. Almost all data has been put into CVS, only the player models are missing. The files have been split that way so they can be easily released and updated seperately, which will make it easier to package them. No forced image package update anymore just because they come from the same source package. Yippie!
We will do a release soon, and I will start with some first Debian packages for it. xblast is a too great waste of time to let it pass away... Oh yes, some first shape howto is available, too. :)

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